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13 inch Macbook Pro Review

Updated on February 2, 2011

Dream Machine?

Let'a Look Over The 13 inch Macbook Pro...

In this 13 inch Macbook Pro Review I will cover:

  • What's new
  • What's not new
  • What's still missing

My Macbook Pro 13 inch was a move to upgrade my home recording studio. Even though the older Mac I had was a tower desktop, the Macbook was almost 3 times more powerful. Because I was traveling a lot this made good sense at the time and I could take advantage of available time to write and record music on the road… plug the MBox interface to the Macbook, fire up the Pro Tools software and you're ready go. To be able to do the same with such a portable set up was great.

To be honest, it took me a while to decide between getting the 13 inch or the 15. Of course the bigger screen you have the less portable your laptop is. I knew the 17 was completely out of the question because I traveled with a band mate that had one and it was just too big to carry around from day to day on our tours.

I decided finally on the 13 inch model. While working at home, I did feel I wanted a bigger screen so I simply plugged it into a 19 inch monitor. This totally changed the way I started working on the computer!

So what are the differences with the new model from last year's model?

There are a few differences but first let me say that there are also a few things that are the same:
The new 13 inch MacBook Pro is still made from a single, seamless piece of aluminum, which means it’s stronger and more durable than other notebooks in this price range.

2X the RAM from 2GB to 4GB – Any amount of multi tasking and running media programs the Pro Tools and Final Cut the 2GB's wasn't enough.

160 Gig drive used to come on the standard model but that has gone up to 250 gigs on the new lower end model.

Graphic Display

The old model had the Nvidia Geforce 9400M graphics card which at the time was really one of the best around on any machine. This has been replaced with a the new high performance NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M.

The brand new Nvidia Geforce card is even more powerful and faster than the old card, yet it also is supposed to be up to 30 percent more energy efficient as well.


The new battery lasts up to ten hours depending on it's use of course. The larger 15 and 17 models will last 1 to 2 hours less than that. Also, Apple claims these new advanced batteries will last three years and up to 1000 full charges. Unlike the previous model though, the battery is not removable and therefore you'd need to take it in to your local Apple store or mail it away and pay $129 for the replacement battery. If you keep the Macbook for longer than 3 years this might be a turn off.

The 13 inch Macbook Pro comes in 2 models:

2.4GHz model - comes standard with a 250GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM memory, both of which can be upgraded. The standard hard drive is a 250 GB serial ATA but can be upgraded to the 512 solid state drive.

2.66 model - comes with a 320 GB instead of the 250 GB drive but all other options are the same.

The difference between the two models in a Nutshell:

The processor speed (2.4 and 2.66) and the stock hard drive size.

The negatives of this 13 inch Macbook Pro Review:
Did Apple miss out on anything for this new 13 inch Macbook Pro?… Yes:
No antiglare display as with the 17 inch model
No Blu-ray drive
Only 2 USB ports (3 would be nice)


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    13 inch Macbook Pro Review Video

    Macbook or Macbook Pro, what's the difference?

    Yes there are several differences between the regular Macbook model and the one they call Macbook Pro!

    The Pro model is geared for professionals who run more demanding programs like QuarkXPress, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro etc.

    These programs require more speed and RAM whereas the typical laptop user is only running things like email, Word, listening or uploading music and surfing the net etc.

    So, with the Macbook Pro you'll get a machine with more speed, more RAM, and bigger drives. Also, they're built to be more sturdy in the construction and look a little nicer too.

    Some Photos

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