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14 Ways to Make Your Blog Get Real Success

Updated on August 9, 2017

Having a blog is one of the ways you can really earn money online. It is also where you could just do whatever you want on the internet and show it to people. If you think you can help people in what their problems are then you should start a blog.

But now you just started a blog, and write many articles, the traffic is just okay. What should you do to increase the traffic? Hence make it successful?

A lot of people around the world love to read, maybe they read for information or just for entertainment. You realize that, so you make a blog and try to fill in the gap. Building a successful blog is not that easy, building a blog is easy, but making it one of the tops out there is really hard.

It is true that having a blog is one of the passive incomes out there, that's the beauty when you have a blog, you don't have to work in the future once you put the work upfront. Yes it is passive but if you want to increase your income then you should really work on your blog, what I mean is writing more articles or blog post, updating old posts, or just building a community out there. If you have to do that then it's not really passive, yes you are right at the same time wrong. Once you have put the work up front you can let it be and cash in monthly but the world is changing and is changing fast so you got to update and write new once or else your cash flow will just deteriorate. But it is passive and if successful you can do it when and wherever you want.

So what you can do is make it really successful. What are the ways?

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1. You have to get on the radar of other bloggers.

You have to get out there. Don't think of bloggers who do the same things as you as competitors. Think of them as buddies who do the same thing as you or just co-workers who help you accomplish your projects. Having that mindset is good for you and for them because if you do not think of them as competitors and think of them as friends they might do the same thing as you. As a result, you can help each other build successful blogs and help many people in the process.

Have you heard of the crabs in the bucket story or what you call crab mentality? It is when a crab is near and can get out of the bucket and the other crabs pull them down, as a result, no one gets out of the bucket and all of them get eaten. That's what I’m saying here. The more you help other people the more successful you get and the more you think like a crab the more you will fail.

2. Post links on twitter

One of the ways you can get traffic is post links on Twitter; Twitter is one of the largest social media out there. On Twitter, the word can get out really fast because of the "Tweet" button. People can easily share and spread your links and as a result having traffic to your blog.

3. Influential roundup blogger post, where you blog about bloggers, and you will get on their radar.

This just like number one I mentioned above. What is the best way to get other bloggers attention? Write a Blog about them. Have you noticed that when you see your name somewhere else you get curious? It is because people have the tendency to like their names, so when you blog about a person they have to read it. As a result, they may notice you and may help you in the future.

4. Writing content for other site is a great way to get traffic to your site.

This one of the best ways to get traffic on your blog, guest posting can get your face to another set of audience, as a result, you can get you more traffic.

5. You have to put really great content

Content is king, as the saying goes. It is true for the fact that it is what people really want, people want quality. Sure you may have a great title that when people read it they click it immediately but if your content is bad then they will not read it and will leave in a second.

6. You have to get the word out.

What I mean by this is you have to be everywhere, talk to people and mention your blog. When you see your old friend mention your blog, just get the word out there and you will realize that people will start to read your blog.

7. Test what’s working for you and don’t work for you, and do what works.

Just like in business you have test things out. You have to do trial and error, if it works then good, do it again, if it doesn’t work then don’t do it again. Don't be afraid of failure, failure is just a learning process and just a happening. If you fail it doesn’t mean that it is the end, just do it again and find ways that work for you.

8. Put out a list to what is your popular post.

If it is successful, then make it more successful. If people like the blog post and you think people will continue to read it, then don’t let that blog post get buried under. What you can do is put up a list of your most popular blog and gets it to the face of your new reader’s. Maybe that post will be one the reason why you may get successful.

9. Link to old posts that have great content.

What I mean by this is put a link to your old post in your newer posts, because people tend to read all the new post and don’t read the old post, so put up a link to posts that you think that may help them or has quality content.

10. You could do comment.

You can comment on other blog and as a result, people will notice you. But to do this, you have to put up quality comments. Your comments should really help people and bring value to the other blogger and at the same time to the readers

11. Try to make genuine relationships with people and always create value.

The relationship is the most important aspect of business and in a blog. Having a community that supports you through the ups and downs of your blog is the greatest, so try to help many people as you can and bring so much value that people will never forget you.

12. Create a manifesto or eBook if you’re on a plateau.

If your Blog just won’t get any bigger, what you can do is make an eBook and reach the audience that is unknown to you. Also, you get a sort of admiration when you write books.

13. Expand to new media if you can.

All social networks and all website have a huge amount of audience. What you can do is be everywhere. By doing that you get to attract an audience that is unknown to you and as a result, people will discover you and read your blog.

14. Another way to break a plateau is to release a product.

Another way is to release a product. Having a product not only helps you financially but helps you help much more people. If your product is high quality and brings up value, people will find ways to give back to you.


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