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Amazing Youtubers

Updated on April 28, 2014

Are you bored on the YouTube world? Do you want someone new to watch videos from? Well here's the place to find those people on YouTube. If you love comedians singers and gamers then read on watch the videos and subscribe to there channels and threw these people you can find more amazing YouTubers.

Hillywood show

The Hillywood show stars Hillary and Hannah Hindi. They are both amazingly talented at the creativity of the videos and the music selection. The make parody's of movies and its actually not a bad kind of parody like someone would expect. They actually make videos of the movies in song form. The music they pick is mostly lady gaga but they have others like Adam lambert, Psy, Pitbull, Rebecca black, P!nk, and Katy Perry. They are currently trying to raise money to help there latest parody of Doctor Who. Here's the link to the website were you can donate money.

Cinema Sins

Cinema Sins are people who point out the errors or sins on other movies. They are really not that worried about what sins they put down like some sins are from scene does not contain lap dance. Like other movie error revealers they hate twilight. The videos are fun to watch and some have bonus rounds that count for other stuff like the video to the lefts bonus round is how many fan boys they have pissed off. And just let me say any hurtful comments don't seem to effect them because the still keep making videos. They have a hot line for you to tell them what mistakes you found in movies and they might put it in a video. The hot line is 405-459-SINN.

Bart Baker

Bart Baker is a song parody maker. He is one of the best parody makers on YouTube. He makes fun of most of the song made by most famous singers in other words he pick the videos that are really popular and turns them into parody's. In some of his videos he has some singers meet each other in videos. And if you like really popular singers videos he is bound to have at least one of the videos up of that singer eventually. If you are easily offended by people making fun of your favorite singers like one direction, lady gaga, etc then I suggest not watching his videos if you get offended easily or get into real life and realize there's haters out there.

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Hishe is a group of people that take movies and put sense into the characters and do what normal people would do in the bad situations they are in. Its actually in the name, How It Should Have Ended or Hishe. They have done lots of movies and they animate the video and put fun twists on them and some have extra's. One of the best extras are the super hero café where superman and batman interview other super hero's. You may think well if you put it the way they do then it wouldn't be much of a movie right? Well that's the point.


PTXofficial also know as Pentatonic is a group of great singers and better yet they sing acapella. The group's members are the lead vocalists Scott Hoying, Kristie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, the vocal bass, Avi Kaplan, and the beat boxer, Kevin “K.O.” Olusola. There songs can be bought on iTunes and you should check out the videos while your at it. Also Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi have a channel together called Superfruit so go check it out.

Preppy Cat

N2 is a cat that sings in auto-tune about him being PREPPY!!! He has a sister named Kona and they make there own YouTube episodes about N2s and his adventures with Kona. Most of N2s songs are from others songs like preppy kitty style based on gangdom style. The frequently have fundraisers to humane society's and shelters for animals in need. They also just do regular uploads like one of the most popular burrito cat staring Kona.

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson . . . he is a hilarious person. Personally he is my favorite YouTuber. Shane is a random crazy fun guy. He currently in 2014 is working on a big break through in his career his own movie that he directed and stared in. He also has shared that a TV show called the chair will be coming out and he's in it or something like that. He has episodes in which he dresses as a crazy characters and does fun random stuff. The characters are Shananay a girl with surprisingly helpful advise, S-deezy with a premature problem, Ned a giant nerd, Aunt Hilda a insulting but funny fake aunt to Shane, His mom which is the exact opposite of his real mom, Paris Hilton, and frootloop. He may be a strange person and weird but hey who isn't?


Paint . . . he is a funny person staring himself. No literally just himself he is his fake twin brother and he (like in the video to the side) even does a lot of acapella with himself. He fights with himself sometimes to. He hasn't recently made any video's but became huge after the after ever after video. It was his fame video that got him noticed then what you would expect to happen after you get a YouTube account. He is a really good singer to.

Good Mythical Morning

Rhett and Link are the Hosts of Good Mythical Morning. There show is on things that are new that most people don't know or some just for entertainment. They do episodes and seasons of there good mythical morning show. They also do original song they have made like the one to the right. They do lots of fun stuff on the show and they also have a second channel called Rhett and Link and good mythical more. They do lots of stuff that most people wouldn't dare ever do . . . like eat bugs, eat glue, talk to sleeping pedestrians and so much more.


If you haven't heard of this guy then there is something wrong with you. Pewdiepie is a amazingly funny guy. He is Swedish has a girlfriend known as CutiePieMarizia. Pewdiepie is a video game player and he try's to be as funny as possible in those. He has also been the most subscribed YouTuber ever. He calls his fans the bro army and after most videos he will give the audience a bro fist. That's all I know say because I haven't seen many of his videos but he is very funny.

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