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Could We Build Starship Enterprise Today?

Updated on March 13, 2019

The Enterprise Under Construction

New Enterprise Construction Zone!
New Enterprise Construction Zone! | Source
Nearing Completion!
Nearing Completion! | Source
Notice the Hull Registry Number!
Notice the Hull Registry Number! | Source
The New Enterprise Blueprint
The New Enterprise Blueprint | Source

The Technology of Today!!!

I am sure many people saw the New Star Trek 2009 Movie and some of them probably wondered if we could actually build a Starship today! First we would have to understand what Powers the Enterprise? Second, how does the Enterprise Function? Most importantly, How can She move so Fast?! Or what is actually moving... the Starship or the Matter of Space!?!

The U.S.S. Enterprise from 1967 (the Original) has always fascinated audiences and fans alike! It is still a unique design and had some amazing abilities for a TV Series Spaceship! As time went on and the History of Star Trek grew, so did the advancements in the designs of the more recent Enterprise for the TV Shows such as, the Next Generation, Enterprise, First Contact and of course 2009's Star Trek Movie!

With the Advent of Computers, designing the Enterprise and Creating new designs have become easier and effective! So I am asking this Question, Can We Build a Real Starship Enterprise Today?!? Is this Even possible with 21st Century Technology and the Understanding of Space Travel as of now?

To answer these questions, we must first know what is the Enterprise? Well more-or-less, the Enterprise is nothing more then an Atomic-powered Electro-magnet! This Ship is able to bend or contort space to travel faster then Light Speed or at Warp Speeds. Why is this important? Well what are the forces of the Universe? There's Gravity, Inertia and Magnetism to name a few. Any Space Vessel would have to be able to counter-act these forces for Humans to travel through space like the way Star Trek Suggests (without spacesuits).

According to All of the Star Trek and Enterprise Tech Manuals, the Starships of Star Trek are powered by Matter/Anti-matter Reactor Cores. They function almost similar to an Aircraft Carrier's Nuclear Reactors, in relation to steam. The Matter/Anti-matter Reactors super heat Plasma, then send the plasma through conduits. These conduits then send the Plasma into the Warp Coils to Generate the Warp Field or Warp Bubble! The Warp Field is more then just for Warp Speed, but also for maintaining the Time Continuum and Dilation. This is important so our aging does not slow or increase, and time and distance remain constant to the rate of travel. Have I lost you yet?

Still with me, I have more. Plus the Warp Field is also what allows the Enterprise to Expand, Bend or Contort Space for Faster then Light Speeds. On another note, Scientist Understand and know how Matter and Anti-matter interact with each other. What they don't know is how much Matter and Anti-matter is needed to create a reaction that with adequately provide enough energy safely. Not to mention, how much shielding will be necessary for Humans to Operate such a piece of equipment. So at this point in time this piece of the puzzle can't be solved yet...

The Refit Process is a "Real" Process!

The "Refit" Process is One We Do Today!!
The "Refit" Process is One We Do Today!! | Source

More Current Enterprise Technologies!

Now many of the Metal Alloys and some of the Star Trek Tech is in existence today! Take for instance the Fusion Reactor for example, today this reactor is about 65 to 75% efficient but according to Star Trek. The Enterprise utilized 5 Fusion Reactors to power the Impulse Engines, Five Reactors!! The Impulse Engines are supposed to be Sub-light Speed capable Engines, they vent some type of plasma (Ionized Gas) which propel the ship forward. Now the Hull of the Enterprise is supposed to be made of a Titanium Alloy, which we have an abundance of today! Also in front of the Warp Nacelles (engines) is a device called a Ram Jet Scoop, believe it or not, this device was created in the late 1960's. Yet another piece of the Enterprise Puzzle has been solved!!

The most popular of the Star Trek Tech, which is being worked on today are Phasers and Transporters. Now Scientist have stated that they have successfully transported light from one location to another. This issue with transporting a Human Being is the amount of Computer Power Needed, which is Immensely Incredible!!! Even with Petabyte Powered Computers, this is Still Not Enough Information which is needed for Humans to use Transporters!!! Phasers are really Plasma Lasers, of course we have Lasers in existence today but they (as far as I know) can't cut through metals like those in Star Trek. If you stop and think about it, the Enterprise is truly an Amazing Vehicle. Not only does it use Plasma to Propel itself at great speeds, but also use Plasma Emitters for its Phasers, the Impulse Drive and Reaction-control Thrusters.

There are so many other Star Trek Technologies that exist today, the ones that I mention are the most well known and recognized. The Enterprise, even though it was imagined and designed in the 1960's, it is Too Advanced to build a Starship Today. Besides, the biggest piece of the puzzle is yet to be solved; that's the Warp Field and How to Stabilize it! Without this piece there are No Starships or the Exploration Space on a Large Scale, only our Solar System if we are fortunate enough to take this risk!

Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A Inspection and Comparison!

The Enterprise Lineage

The Original Enterprise (NCC-1701)
The Original Enterprise (NCC-1701)
The Movie Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)
The Movie Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)
The Next Generation Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)
The Next Generation Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)
The Next Generation Movie Enterprise  (NCC-1701-E)
The Next Generation Movie Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)
The New Enterprise (The New NCC-1701)
The New Enterprise (The New NCC-1701)
The New NCC-1701-A (From the End of Star Trek Beyond)
The New NCC-1701-A (From the End of Star Trek Beyond)
The (NX-01) Enterprise
The (NX-01) Enterprise

The Enterprise Could be Actually Built?

The Starship Enterprise is a vessel that could actually be built at almost 75 to 85% complete. It may not have all of the same technologies of the 22nd or 23rd Century. For the most part, the outer hull can be put into place with much of the same materials. The Enterprise could be built and there is a website that is trying to place a bid to bid the real thing. The Build the Enterprise link below is the website which is placing the bid to do so right now, at present. I hope you will find this site interesting and the science that could make it happen. I hope that it could, but who really knows?

The New NCC-1701-A Under Construction!!

The New NCC-1701-A Under Construction!
The New NCC-1701-A Under Construction! | Source
The Connecting Dorsal of the New Enterprise!
The Connecting Dorsal of the New Enterprise! | Source
The New NCC-1701-A Saucer Section!
The New NCC-1701-A Saucer Section! | Source

Choose Your Enterprise!!

Which Enterprise Do You Like?

See results

The New NCC-1701-A

From the End of Star Trek Beyond!!
From the End of Star Trek Beyond!! | Source
To Boldly Go...
To Boldly Go... | Source

But Wait, There's More From Star Trek Discovery!!!

To Boldly Go...
To Boldly Go... | Source
To Boldly Go...
To Boldly Go... | Source
To Boldly Go...
To Boldly Go... | Source
To Boldly Go...
To Boldly Go... | Source
To Boldly Go...
To Boldly Go... | Source
To Boldly Go...
To Boldly Go... | Source
The Old & New Enterprise, Classic & Re-Imagined U.S.S. Enterprise!!!
The Old & New Enterprise, Classic & Re-Imagined U.S.S. Enterprise!!! | Source

Do you Think we Could Build a Starship Today?

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    • TeamSTM profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      BTE Dan is looking at the fact of the space needed for the gravity wheel, which is why the Starship is so Large! The Starship Enterprise from Star Trek utilizes gravity generators, the fusion reactors, in tandem with the ship's warp core to generate gravity throughout the ship, not just in the Saucer Section as BTE Dan is proposing.

      I very much like the idea and the potential push BTE Dan is proposing. Such a vehicle would really get humanity behind the idea of space travel and exploration! There are plenty of options to explore and who knows, maybe one day we will travel out of the Milky Way Galaxy. Not just our small corner or our solar system!

      To the Stars and Beyond!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Like you said, we do NOT have the ability to create a WARP drive but, we DO have antigravity flying craft today that can travel at 37,000 MpH. That's not too bad since they can escape Earth's gravity well ( Escape velocity for this planet is 25,000 MpH ).

      Now, if you bothered to read up on Herr BURKHARD HEIM's pioneering work in Physics, you'd have discovered that this man postulated that we should be able to travel 11 ( ELEVEN ) LIGHT YEARS in 80 DAYS. That's 100 LY in 2 years of travel time. BTW, the U.S. military and certain researchers have been looking into being able to do this , for the past FIVE years.

      So, why do we need a starship as big as the one BTE DAN wants to build which is as big as the largest skyscraper on this planet ! Actually we don't. Instead, let's build a LOT of smaller ones.

      --- Spectre ---

    • profile image

      Wesley Loveless 

      7 years ago

      Yup, for 15.7 trillion dollars, could of bot 7 of them pluss taxes...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Of course their's the cost in terms of money here. What would be the projection of that be?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      . I'm. Just. Saying. Send. Enough. Resources. To. Get. The

      Job. Done. And. Technology. Will. Catch. Up.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Who. Says. The. Ship. Has. To. Be. Fast, how. About. It. Being. Nuclear. Powered. And. Self-sestaining. Like. A. Modern. Day. Battleship.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Shields could be Theoretically created using powerful electo magnets to repel metalic mased objects (missles etc) but the diffucult part about this would be stopping the magnet from damaging a vehicles hull or electical computer components inside a vehicle

    • TeamSTM profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      To be totally honest, Technology is really close to completing construction of such a vessel. True it may not have All of the Capabilities that those of Star Trek as far as Transporters, phasers or shields right now. The Hull could be completed, some of the services onboard could be provided, like Turbo-lifts (high tech elevators or magenetic rather), Partial Fusion Reactor Capability (about 60%) and even a Water Recycling Service is now possilbe!! I could go on but I think you grasp were I am coming from!

    • SteveoMc profile image


      9 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Interesting question. It is easier to imagine something than to make it happen. I suspect that in the future, technology will surprise us in unknown ways.

      Perhaps travel will be more like the transporter or proton/electron movement.


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