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26 Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Updated on January 11, 2011

What are the best ways to drive traffic to your blog or websites? That’s a question that many people ask. Let’s see what are the best and effective ways to get traffic to your website.

1. Writing optimized articles and blog posts for search engines.

2. Submitting your blog or website to leading website directories and blog directories.

3. Submitting your website to search engines.

4. Writing articles for free article directories with a link back to your website.

5. Commenting on other blogs.

Drive traffic to your blog

6. Writing good forum posts on forums that support signature links.

7. Sharing your eBooks in free file sharing networks

8. Sharing your documents in free document websites

9. Using social networking websites to drive traffic to your website.

10. Using social bookmarking tools to getting visitors to your blog.

11. Submit videos to free video sharing websites.

12. Post ads on free classified ad websites.

13. Submit your RSS feed to free RSS directories.

14. Write guest blog posts for related blogs.

15. Include your blog’s URL in your email signature.

16. Start an affiliate program for your website.

17. Give away a free report or any other freebies.

18. Offer a free web template with a link back to your blog or website.

19. Post content frequently and promote them using above techniques to retain your traffic and increase it.

20. Include images with ALT tags in your website.

21. Make sure your webpage loads quickly and user friendly for visitors.

22. Submit your best posts to blog carnivals.

23. Join to Yahoo groups and create a group for your website.

24. Organize a contest and give a valuable reward for winners.

25. Include an opt-in list in your website.

26. Write great and timeless content for your readers.

These are some of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog and website. Try several of these techniques to improve your traffic.


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    • profile image

      indianaccounting 5 years ago

      hey good tips,thanks and I have a blog, so have a look

    • Mervyn Ludick profile image

      Mervyn Ludick 5 years ago from South Africa

      Very good list, thank you!

    • kdlsadun profile image

      kdlsadun 6 years ago from Gampaha

      very interested to me , as i think, these facts are advised by us,thanks

    • Jasejames profile image

      Senadheera Jayakody 6 years ago from Gampaha, Sri Lanka

      Thanks very much for commenting.

    • profile image

      multimastery 6 years ago

      Great stuff, voted UP and bookmarked! P.S. another way is press releases and widgets (don't believe I saw those).

      More traffic generation tips: