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2DS+, a Nintendo DS cross eye app, AKA cross viewing app

Updated on April 27, 2012

Have you heard of Magic Eye photos?

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3D images on the Nintendo DS

Remember those Magic Eye photos from the '90s? You would cross-view the photo to find the hidden objects. Now you can do this on the DS! damicha's blog said the following:

Cross viewing is a stereoscopic technique to see 3D pictures without using any auxiliary devices. The only things that you need are

  • a picture of an object displayed from two points of view
  • the ability to see three-dimensionally
  • the ability to squint (view cross-eyed)

Do you have all of the above? Probably not. You most likely have the last two, so all you need is a picture of an object displayed from two points of view. Let's get it. Here is the download link for 2ds+.

Now, this is not a hub page on putting homebrew on your DS, but I will simply say you need a flashcart to run this amazing app. I recommend the R4DS or the M3 simply.

Once you have it on your cart, turn your DS on, and navigate to the app, and run it. Turn your DS to the right so you have the touch screen to the left and the top screen to the right. Then click START. Now cross-view the screen so your left eye is focusing on the right screen, and your right eye focusing on the left screen. If you are doing it right, then you should see a screen to the left, a screen to the right, and a screen in the middle. The screen in the middle is where you are going to see the 3D objects. Start un-crossing your eyes until all the screens are sharp. (Not blurry) Now you should be viewing everything in 3D. Use the A, B, Y, and X buttons to make a choice, and SELECT to enter your choice.

I hope you liked this article, and the 2DS+ app. Thanks for reading.


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