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3 Changes you will love to see in twitter in 2011

Updated on March 29, 2012

Twitter went through some unavoidable and jaw-breaking changes in 2010. It introduced a new interface, advertisements were born and the usage hit an all time high. Although 2010 was considered as the year for Twitter, 2011 could be even bigger. So, what can we expect in 2011 from the micro-blogging giant?

Growth into a News Network

Many politicians, journalists and of course, Citizens are part of Twitter. This makes Twitter the perfect platform in which news can be made and said. Journalists will continue to give their views on the happenings of the world, politicians will announce important matters on Twitter and the people will respond to it.

This whole structure is similar to the roots of foundation of Democracy. People interacting with the rulers! More and more news organizations will continue to use Twitter as a scheme of communicating with its viewers. Thus, ground breaking news could be born in Twitter.

Celebrities fight on Twitter and that becomes sensational news on mass media. So, Twitter is ruling the mass media. This will continue to happen in 2011 and Twitter will feature more on Television and News Papers.

But if Twitter has to grow into a real news network, it should develop the interface which will isolate news related Tweets from the normal ones. Then they can classify those news related Tweets based on region, category and time which will give the users what they need. They can also classify Tweets from journalists to give a detailed look on the news which is being published.

Getting Personalized

Although each and everyone can have their own Twitter page, it isn’t as personalized as a Facebook profile. Twitter has repeatedly said that it would take serious efforts to personalize the pages of each individual and it is time for that to happen. You should be prepared to see much more experimentation from Twitter in 2011 and hope that they don’t go in vain.

One option that will revolutionize Twitter is the personalization of lists which will let you see your favorite person’s Tweets on the homepage. You might follow on an average of 50 people and almost 25 of them might post 100 Tweets per day. So, it becomes literally impossible to go through all those Tweets. So if such a personalization is allowed, it will make Tweeting a lot easier and less time consuming!

A lot more than just Tweeting

Tweeting can be fun for the celebrities but for normal people, it will get boring after some time. After two or three years like this, Twitter will just become a website in which normal people log in to see what their favorite celebrities are doing.

If such a condition has to be avoided, Twitter has to come up with new applications. One such option could be developing Games on Twitter. Not many social game developers are interested in creating games for Twitter as they don’t consider it a real gaming platform. This myth should be broken and many games and applications should be developed on Twitter. Only this will make Twitter exciting and fun for the common man.


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