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3-D TV

Updated on August 22, 2011

Television just got a little more interesting. Imagine feeling like you are a part of the show you are watching. The characters are so close you could just about touch them. Having a 3-D TV in your home is more a reality than you think! This latest, greatest invention will replace the high definition TVs. However technology is once again getting ahead of itself. With the invention of 3-DTV there has to be 3 DTV shows. In the works now on ESPN are 85 sporting events to be shown in 3 D. The first event will be the FIFA World Cup in June of 2010. The Discovery Channel also has plans to launch their own 3 DTV network by 2011. Direct TV is even getting in on the action by launching 3 DTV channels by June of 2010.

Wasn't it just last year everyone was required to change over their televisions for digital service?

3-DTV is being brought to the forefront by the Consumer Electronics Show. The buzz at the show is the Panasonic 3-D Plasma TV. It is a 52 inch TV that has active 3-D glasses.

Why would you need a 3 d TV? The difference between a HDTV and a 3 DTV is the processing power. The number of frames for a standard screen is doubled on the 3 DTV.

Also the HDTV still has pictures that fade out slowly. The 3 DTV pictures don't linger.

The First 3-D Channels

Sky is an organization that offers HD TV services in Europe. Reports indicate that Sky will be producing the worlds first 24/7 3-D channel. It is scheduled to begin sometime in 2010 and will be offered in the UK and Ireland. The Sky network will offer the 3 d channel to the already existing 1.6 million subscribers of their HD TV service. Anyone that subscribes to this service and has a 3-DTV will be able to view three dimensional television in 2010.

Welho will began broadcasting 3 D TV in Finland.  It hopes to offer a full 3 D channel by the end of 2010.

 South Korea is even predicting 30 million D TVs will be in use by 2012.

A 3-D tsunami

ESPN is predicting a "3 D tsunami"

It is predicted that 45 % of all households will have a a 3-DTV by the year 2014. By then we may be able to afford it! Right now a 3 DTV costs about a thousand dollars for a forty two inch screen.

Many electronic companies have jumped on the 3 DTV bandwagon. LG has produced a 3 DTV that has a 47 inch screen. The LD360 will be available in April 2010. No word on it's price at this time.

Sony Corporation expects to generate 11 billion dollars from 3 D merchandise alon by the end of 2010. With the invention of the 3 DTV there will be you guessed 3 D gaming. Sony states the Playstation 3 will be updated for 3 D play by the end of 2010. Also look for Sony to create a 3D Blue Ray player.

LCD crystal shutter glasses
LCD crystal shutter glasses
LCD Shutter Glasses
LCD Shutter Glasses

3-D Glasses

Actually they are LCD shutter glasses. These funky glasses operate with blue-tooth technology. The blue-tooth technology helps tell the glasses when to darken one lens and then the other. The Bluetooth sends the signal for Alternate Frame sequencing that coincides with the refresh rate of the screen. The image is shown in your right eye and your left eye- 60 times a second! 

Sky channel
Sky channel
Are we getting closer to this?
Are we getting closer to this?

The Implications

It sounds as if this will be the year of the 3 D TV. Exciting yes, but what are the implications of this invention? Enough people waste a lot of time in front of the TV already (myself included) I can imagine people getting addicted to TV even more. What would happen to our vision if we wore the LCD glasses excessively? You know there are going to be some people out there who will watch day and night. I can see support groups forming already! This scenario puts me in mind of a certain movie...

Also the implications other inventions around 3 DTV are probably more than I can figure out. Imagine the Wii gaming system in 3 D. What if the 3 D concept was able to be taken to the computer? At that point I may be joining a support group.

Technology has come a great distance. As a kid I remember out family getting our first color TV set. I was fascinated to watch Star Trek in color. Now to think I can watch it in 3 D in my home. What's next holograms?


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    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 7 years ago from Wv

      Hehe OK Glenn! I'll try the one eye closed trick! I had to do this hub just to educate myself on what was coming up next in entertainment!

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 7 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Very interesting and up-to-date hub Ms Chievous. If you watch that video you embedded with one eye closed, you'll get the 3-D effect right now. Try it. It's fun. Thanks for the well written and complete info.