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3 Effective Tips To Get MORE Views On YouTube

Updated on October 13, 2016

Who Am I?

Hello there, I go by the username Fl1pz so make sure to remember me when the future comes. I will tell you some interesting facts about me so you get to know me more. I am a pretty young new HubPages member. I love to play video games and write Hubs for many different kinds of people. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the game called League Of Legends and have been playing for a couple of years.

Other than playing League Of Legends, I take pleasure in reading and writing. Now that you know some facts about me, we can get onto the first part of my series called "How To Promote Your YouTube Videos." Of course, I will be uploading and creating many more Hubs that will contain key information and tips to gain more traffic onto your YouTube videos. Moreover, you might also be interested in reading my "Instantly Gain YouTube Views With Google Plus" guide after finishing this one. Thank you for reading and let us now start with my three very effective methods on how to gain more traffic for your videos.


The first step onto getting lots of traffic to your videos is to share your videos with friends and maybe even your family. I am going to assume that you are a new YouTuber and you need a starting point for your videos. Right now you might be getting very few views and you really need a boost. Well this is probably the most easy and simple method into getting your videos across the internet.

Just show your friends and family your videos and if they like it, tell them to spread it with their friends. The results will create something like a chain. You can also ask your friends to share your videos online with their social media accounts (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus). In addition, many of their friends will get to see your videos, therefor getting you more views and likes. You know what more views and likes results in? Your video's exposure over YouTube. Users all over the internet will find it easier to come across your videos if your videos contains many likes and views.

Not to mention how many people use social media sites, your YouTube channel's potential to grow bigger will skyrocket. Just make sure to not always annoy your friends and family to check out the latest video or something like that. Also, if you are having trouble finding the confidence to tell your friends and family about your YouTube videos. Just remember that this is the most effective and easiest way to insure the growth of your YouTube videos. If you still do not have the confidence in doing so, it is fine. We can just get straight right into the second effective method into increase the views in your YouTube videos.

Are you afraid to share your YouTube Videos with friends / family?

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Every YouTuber faces a time where you just do not want to upload this week, or upload today, or anything like that. In any case you do not have the motivation to upload, like you did when you were first starting your YouTube channel. This is a very important tip everyone, so please follow it.

Be consistent and keep uploading no matter what. Just do not care about the haters you get while uploading your YouTube videos. Which YouTube channel does not have dislikes on any of their videos? None! Every YouTuber will have haters at some point in their career and you just have to face it. Even if you have haters, you also have your supporters. If you care about your supporters more than your haters, then why care about the haters? Haters are basically people online who have nothing better to do than to just make other people feel bad.

Moving along, keep on uploading! Make sure you are on a strict schedule so your viewers can expect when you are going to upload a video. Lets say that you upload YouTube videos randomly and have no uploading schedule. Your viewers who keep expecting a video will get so very disappointed every time they time they check your YouTube channel with no new video.

They will start to assume that you quit YouTube and will stop coming. Thus, you must make sure you are uploading frequently. If not frequently like everyday, at the very least, make sure you upload once a week to keep their spirits up. Additionally, tell your viewers your YouTube video schedule so they know.

Putting that aside, if you are getting only very few viewers for every YouTube video you upload, do not get discouraged. Even if you are getting few views, people are still watching your video and are still expecting more to come in the future. Remember that every single YouTuber online started with very few views, it is not weird or uncommon at all. Keep your motivation up and running!

Right below is an example of a schedule a gaming channel might use. You could use Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday for Lets Play videos. Then mix it up a bit with a Tutorial gaming video in Thursday. Your schedule can be anything you want, just make sure you have one and strictly stick to it.

Lets Play Video
Sat & Sunday
Lets Play Videos

YouTube Videos

When uploading YouTube videos, you will see many things on the page while waiting for your upload to finish. You will see Tags, Playlists, Description and more. You must make sure you are taking advantage of these options because using them correctly can increase your views by a huge amount.

Let us first talk about Tags. Tags are basically key words or sentences used to help people find your videos. Now that question is, what are the best Tags to use for my YouTube video? Must I look for keyword tools online to help me? I mean, you there are many keyword tools that can help you online, but it is way easier using YouTube itself! You probably already know, but when typing something in the YouTube search, there are keywords that automatically show themselves right below. Those related keywords are what people usually search for, so you can take those keywords to put in your Tags. Just search any keyword relating to your video and use any of the keywords below to add to your Tags.

Now that we are finished with Tags, let us look into the Title. The Title of your YouTube video is really important because that will be a hook to draw the attention of people. Remember not to make your Title too long and emphasize at least one word (ie. How To EASILY Learn English).

Next, we have the Thumbnail. The Thumbnail is the other half of your hook that draws the attention of other people. Make sure you make a very attractive Thumbnail and look at a few tutorials. I very easy and great tool I use to create my Thumbnails is It is free and there are tons of tutorials on YouTube.

Here is a free Keyword Tool that you can use to find great keywords for your YouTube videos!

Not The End

Congratulations! You have finished my "3 Effective Tips To Promote Your YouTube Videos" guide. I would firstly want to thank you so much for giving me and my guide a chance. I hope you can give my other great Hubs a chance also if interested. Of course just this guide alone wont increase your views by a lot. I will be creating many more guides and Hubs to people to increase their views. I would like to thank you once again and if you liked this guide, please feel free to leave a comment and follow my Hub Profile! Hope these very effective tips work for you and I also hope you have a very wonderful day.


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