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3 Reasons NOT to Update Your Printer Firmware

Updated on February 5, 2015

Firmware 'Early Adopter'?

As far as technology goes, I’m usually the first person to update to the latest firmware. Whether it’s my mobile phone, television, GPS or laptop, I always like to have the latest version available regardless of how minute the improvements are. Most of the time I don't even bother to check the change list. If it's an 'update' then I see it as something that is only going to improve my device.

However, there are a few reasons that not all firmware updates might be seen as firmware ‘upgrades’…

"If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!"

You’ve all heard the saying, and it’s true! As I alluded to above, I’m terrible for upgrading software and firmware as soon as humanly possible, but then, I’m usually geeky enough to deal with any problems that may arise as a consequence.

By being a firmware update ‘early adopter’, I’m accepting that I’m going to be used as some form of Guinea Pig by the company in question. I may get great new features, speed improvements and other such benefits eventually, but really I’m just an unofficial beta tester. Any bugs in the code or negative impacts on usability and I’m just going to have to deal with them.

In essence, if you’re happy with how your device is performing and it does everything you expect of it, then there is usually little point in rushing to install a firmware that could cause you hours of problems or even calls to an expensive helpline… You’ve got to ask yourself, is it worth it?


Firmware Updates Are Performed At Your Own Risk!

Basically, at some point during the firmware update process you will have to tick a box to agree responsibility for the upgrade and any potential problems that may arise… it’s usually written somewhere in the long scrolling text box that nobody ever reads!

Usually, the firmware update process is relatively straightforward but think about the following situations…

What if the power fails halfway through an update? Usually this will kill the internal printer software (or at the very least, require a visit to an official repair centre), especially as manufacturers do not usually allow you to ‘roll back’ to a previously working firmware.

What if you accidentally download a firmware update from a different region of the world? Printers are region specific and if your printer were to allow an incorrect region file, it could render your printer incapable of recognising your cartridges.

Although more realistically, if the firmware is an official file direct from the manufacturer I would expect them to be kind enough to provide the correct level of customer service to resolve any such problems. Again, this is one for each individual customer to decide upon. Do the positives outweigh the risk? Will your product be greatly enhanced by the new features? Do the improvements bring something that is important to how you will use the device?


Firmware Updates Often Remove Features Or Functionality

Quite often, especially in the printing industry, a new firmware upgrade can actually downgrade features or functions! Specifically, firmware designed to limit or restrict the use of third party consumables. That is fine if you only use OEM Genuine Ink Cartridges in your printer, firmware updates are unlikely to have any impact on you. However, if you use third party compatibles or remanufactured ink cartridges, it’s probably best if you don’t upgrade to any non-critical versions just yet.

Recently at Inkredible, we've encountered many customers with a previously fully functioning printer now contacting us to say they suddenly can’t use our third party ink cartridges… the reason is almost certainly because of a recently installed printer update.

Updates are usually prompted to an end user in the form of a pop up box on your PC or message in your task bar with details of a file to download, together with the content of the file. Read the information thoroughly before agreeing to any such update, as there will only be one person to blame if you suddenly lose the ability to use that collection of cheap cartridges!

You will know if this has happened when you install non-genuine cartridges and receive messages along the following lines, “Cartridges locked to another printer”, “Cartridges empty or failed” or “Cartridges cannot be recognised”... I’m afraid you’ve probably just gone past the point of no return!


Don’t be confused between upgrading Printer Drivers and Printer Firmware…

Drivers are installed on your PC to help the Printer and PC to communicate. These can usually be updated and rolled back to a previous version at will and do not have any impact on what you can and can’t use in your printer.

Firmware on the other hand, is installed directly to your printer and contains more permanent fixes and features. Manufacturers usually recommend the latest Firmware as it may provide significant enhancements to speed and functionality, although once installed, I’m afraid you’re stuck with it until a newer version is released!

New Firmware - Update or Wait?

If a new firmware update becomes available, what do you do?

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