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3 Secrets to a Great Video Resume

Updated on November 2, 2010

A video resume could be the missing link in your job search techniques that can mean the difference between landing your dream job or settling for something else. When surveyed, 60% of hiring managers said they were more impressed when viewing a video resume as opposed to a regular resume. There are three important aspects to ensure you have the best video resume possible and they are personalized, appropriate length, and professionally produced.

The first important aspect of a video resume is personalized. You must ensure your video resume fits what your regular resume says, meaning, it is personalized directly to you and what you are all about. The video should mimic your regular resume in where you discuss who you are, what you are looking for, what your talents are, and discuss some of your past work history and what you accomplished at those jobs. You should also look you best in the video, similar to how you would dress for your regular interview. 

Length of your video resume is also important. Just like how your regular written resume is usually one page long, your video resume should be under 2 minutes. Remember, the resume is only your initial sales pitch to get you the job interview. The interview is where you land the job. You should be able to easily sell yourself in two minutes and that is about the maximum time that a stranger will pay attention to you anyway. So keep the length at 2 minutes or less and get to the point. One trick to doing this is to film yourself for about 15 minutes and then cut the video down to under 2 minutes just hitting the highlights. 


Professional Video Production

The third most important part of your video resume is to make it look professional. This video is the first experience that your potential employer is going to have with you. The more professional and tailored to the job that your video resume is, the more likely it is that you are going to get the interview. This is especially important these days as more and more people embrace and begin to use new technologies. When an potential employer sees that you are savvy using today's newest technologies, this alone may land you the interview. Of course, that is if your video looks professional. The best way to get a professional video resume created is to use a professional video resume service. These services are inexpensive and worth any cost if you land the job. Another option is to invest in some inexpensive movie making software (some computers even come with this software) and an HD camera. You can always borrow the camera. Dress your best and film yourself talking about the items we discussed before. Then cut the video down to 2 minutes. Once the video is created, it helps if you are able to place the video onto a web-page so you can easily send a website link to potential employers. Of course, if you do have the funds, a video productioncompany can handle these details and ensure the video and website look extremely professional.

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