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3 Simple Laptop Battery Saving Tips That Work

Updated on March 6, 2013

Do you want your laptop charge to last longer?

All of us use laptops these days, and laptop battery backup is crucial for most of us. There are some laptops which give extremely good backup of course, but these laptops are rare and are generally expensive. If you are like me, and do not have a laptop which provides great battery backup, you may want to follow the following tips to help your laptop charge last longer:

1. Decrease the brightness of the screen

Screen brightness influences the drainage of battery to a great extent. If possible, try decreasing the brightness of the screen which will help the laptop provide more battery backup. You do not have to use the lowest brightness in order to save battery, just decrease a level or two and that will work. Even a little amount of decrease in brightness helps. Additionally, it is good to keep a moderate brightness level always; too bright screen affects the eyes a lot.

2. Change the laptop theme to a simpler one

You may not know this, but the theme you use on your laptop influences battery backup too. Some themes have all sorts of effects and look really cool. These themes are the ones which take up a lot of battery power. On the other hand, there are really simple themes which do not have all the fancy effects, but these themes help in preserving laptop charge a lot. You may miss all sorts of animated effects, but you will definitely help the laptop battery last longer if you change your laptop theme to a simpler one.

3. Plug in your laptop whenever you can

There is nothing better than keeping your laptop plugged in. That way, your laptop battery does not really need to be recharged after the battery drains out since the battery does not drain. Do not think that the battery will die soon if you keep it plugged in, most laptop batteries are very powerful, and do not die very soon. Besides, plugging in your laptop most of the times helps when there is some kind of power outage or when you have to go outside and do not have an access to electricity.

There are many ways to save laptop battery, but the above three are the simplest ways. If you follow the given tips carefully, you laptop battery will definitely survive longer than usual.

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