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3 Tasks to Generate More Traffic on your Blog

Updated on December 5, 2013


In this Hub, I am going to give you three important tasks that you must do to generate more traffic on your Blog. There are a number of ways to increase traffic to your blog and the more ways you follow, more the traffic will be on your blog. The first task will be submitting your blog to various High PR blog directories. Second will be submitting your blog and claiming it on Alexa and Technorati. Third will be Guest Posting on the best Article Directory Websites.


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How are the methods listed below going to help you?

This article will mainly stress upon the recognition of your Blog by Search-Engines other than just Google as 80% of the total Internet Traffic is through Google that means the 20% left will only go to the Blogs which are listed on the other Search Engines and Blog Directories. I will give some best examples of websites where you must submit your Blog for Indexing.

Submit your Blog to Search Engines and Blog Directories

There are a number of Search Engines and Blog Directories on the Web but you have to choose the ones with the highest PR's and then you must Submit your Website for indexing on these Websites. The more number of Websites in which your Blog is indexed, the more the Traffic will be on your Blog. Some of the Blog Directories that I personally recommend are,, and

Claim your Blog on Alexa and Technorati

Make accounts on sites like Alexa and Technorathi and submit information about your Blog and then list your Blog on them. This will help in the improvement of a kind of reputation and will rank better than other sites in comparative competition. These sites will give you the statistics of your Blog once it has an acceptable amount of traffic and you will be able to see your rankings all over the world.

Submit Written Content to Article Directories

You must show off the quality of the Articles that you write to the people by Posting on Article Directories. Choosing the right article directory is very important and the following factors should be kept in mind while selecting an appropriate article directory :

  • Audience on the particular Blog Directory must be targeted to the people interested in the Niche that you work on.
  • The Article Directory must have a Good Page Rank and Domain Authority.


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Additional Tips from the Author

Besides the above tasks there are a few more things that you may do to increase targeted audience on your Blog. These things are really easy but work significantly.

The two most working methods to increase traffic are :

  • Take part in Yahoo Answers and answer the questions related to Blogging and in the Source Section write about your Blog. This will make the user go to your Blog and he/she might even become a permanent reader of your Blog.
  • Offering a service for free is very useful in increasing traffic. Doing something which make people curious about something like a Contest, a giveaway, a poll or maybe something more interesting.

Things to Avoid while Generating Traffic

There are many things that you must avoid while in the dreams of generating a huge traffic on your Blog. But the three that are listed below that will make your Blog reputation up on the Web and you will continue to gain traffic from Proper White Methods.

The Things to avoid are :

  • Avoid link exchanging and PPC Campaigns
  • Don't include misleading links and images which take more time to load.
  • Don't use random content generators and Copy-Paste methods.


Word from the Author

If you consider the tasks or the steps above, you will definitely see a significant growth in your traffic. I may have missed many important points in this short article but it's not possible to include everything in an article that is not even 700 words,is it?

I would like to know your opinion about this Hub. Share this article on your Social Network and with the ones who may get help from this Hub. Give this post a thumbs up and mark it as useful (if you found this useful).


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