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3 Ways To Speed Up Your Windows 10 Laptop

Updated on March 3, 2018

How To Speed Up Your Windows 10 Laptop

Recently my laptop was running very very slow. It would take forever to do basic everyday things such as load a YouTube video. It was getting very annoying so I decided to try a few different things to try and speed it up. These things seemed to speed up my laptop quite significantly however it still is very far from the fastest laptop in the world.

Deleting Your Temporary Files

The first thing I did was delete my temporary files. This is relatively easy to do. What you want to do is go to your search bar on your computer and search run. An application should appear in the search results called run. You want to click on this and a small search box should appear. In this box you want to search %temp%. This will take you to a folder which has all of your temporary files stored. You want to go a head and delete them all.On my computer there was 1 gigabyte of space used up by these temp files.

Uninstall Programs That You No Longer Use

Sometimes we download and install programs and then we never use them. These programs can also take up a lot of space on our computers and slow them down significantly. To uninstall programs you no longer use go to your search bar and search "control panel" an option should appear which says "uninstall a program" you want to select this option.

Now that you are in your control panel go through the list of programs installed and look for programs you no longer use.You can also check how much room the program is taking up by looking at the size column. This may help you decide if the program is worth keeping or not.

Disable Programs That Automatically Startup When Your Laptop Starts

The final step is to disable programs that start up when you turn your laptop on. Having too many programs start up at once can slow your start up time considerably and also having too many programs open can make your laptop run a lot slower overall. To disable these programs is very simple. What you need to do is press Ctrl alt delete at the same time.Your task manager should pop up and now you want to select the option which says start up. Now you should see a list of all of the programs on your computer. The ones that say enabled are the ones that start up when your laptop is turned on. The ones that say disabled do not turn on. To turn off a program that is enabled simply right click on it and select disable.There is also a column on the far right hand side next to each program which shows the impact this program has on start up.

Well that pretty much sums it up. Thanks for checking out my article. I have also included a video below which goes into a little more detail.


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