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3 reasons why you should recycle - 3R's of Recycling

Updated on July 24, 2012

We have been polluting our environment for hundreds of years but have only been serious about conserving and recycling in last decade. It was not the case that we didn't knew that the environment we are living in is getting degraded continuously. However the symptoms of this degradation is getting severe only in recent times which have attracted our attention. With the continuous efforts of government and the environmental protection organizations have been succesul in getting the people realized urgency of recycling.

However, most of us still consider recycling a liability and burden then responsibility. Moreover recycling in the long term is going to help us not only to preserve and conserve environment, but also helpful in reducing cost, time and effort in manufacturing day to day products. So here are few reasons why you should recycle...

1. Recycle preserve and conserve our natural resources

On our mother earth, we have limited resources available whether it is forest, oil, water etc which we have to use judicially to make sure we leave them for our future generation as well. Doing recycling help in conserving our valuable resources.

2. Recycling protect the environment we live in

Recycling not only conserve the environment, but also help in protecting it from various pollution. For example, we know that plastic degrade the environment, so more plastic mean more degradation of environment. But we also need plastic as it is used in so many product. So recycling plastic will make sure we are not manufacturing more plastic but using the plastic already in use.

3. Recycling saves energy resources

Since in recycling you just make the current product reusable, which means you don't have to invest energy in manufacturing product from the raw material which is higher than just renovating used product. Hence recycling saves energy which is very precious now.

4. Recycling saves money

Recycling not only conserve energy but it also saves energy. For example, we now a days change our phones after every year and normally throw away old phone. There are several companies which not only recycle your old phones but also gives you money for that. (For more details, read - Why you should buy or sell old mobile phones) Apart from that, recycled products are cheaper than brand new products which again saves you money.

5. Recycling reduces landfill which are hazardous to the environment

Recycling reduces the number of landfill which are already polluting our environment. More than 25% of the methane gas emitted in UK are due to these landfill. Methane gas which is produced in the landfill due to mostly organic waste are major contributor of green house effect which is heating our planet.

3 R's which you should know

1. R- Reduce -You should first of all try to reduce the amount of waste produced in your day to day life.

2. R- Reuse -> You should try to reuse anything you can. Reuse will in turn reduce the waste and hence help in recycling.

3. R-Recycle -> And the last part is recycle. Whatever waste it produced, you should try to recycle.


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