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3D Body Scanner Making In-Roads Into Tailoring For Men

Updated on June 16, 2011

Tailoring For Men

Once upon a time, it was a common practice for the women in the house to stitch garments for their men. There was no ready made or mass produced men garments for sale. However, men who were wealthy have an alternative. They could get their garments stitched by their tailors. It was a great privilege for those who could afford to pay. Their bespoke garments were usually rare and expensive due to the cost and the time it takes to measure and sew.

Taking body measurements with a simple tape is a tedious job. At the turn of the century, however, tailors found a quicker and a more accurate way of taking body measurements. High tech 3D body scanner provides the solution.

3D Body Scanner

A 3D body scanner is about the size of a changing room cubicle. It is a fast and reliable tool for collecting body measurements. It is the world's most accurate method of body measurement. Its accuracy is impossible to achieve with a traditional tape measure.

A 3D body scanner consists of 3 components namely a 3D body scanning hardware, customized garment design system and 3D measurement-cum-virtual mirror software. The system does everything from precise body measurement via body scanning to virtually fitting the selected garment on the 3D image. The 3D body scanner takes the body measurements of the customer and sends them to the computer for review on the screen. With the help of a trained sales consultant, the customer selects the fabric, style, design, buttons, and other details of the garment on screen. Once finalized, the customer's data will be stored in the computer for reference and future recurring orders. The whole process takes approximately 30 minutes. This saves time and avoid unnecessary trials or drafts.

All body scanned garments are handmade and more often than not fits perfectly on the customer without needing any alteration.

Besides single individuals, 3D body scanning is highly recommended for sizing up large numbers. It is very relevant to companies or government agencies that employed thousands of staff. The US XFIT Army program is a user of such scanner.

The concept of 3D body scanning is not new. However, in the field of tailoring and garment merchandising, it is new. This technology though in its early stage, has started making in-roads and showing positive results. It is predicted in future this technology would change the entire scenario of bespoke tailoring for men or customized tailoring for the general masses.


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