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3D Laptops: here they come

Updated on March 13, 2012


In the next two to four years, most TVs will be in 3D; the same goes for desktop and laptop computers. The success of Avatar paved way for portable devices to go full-3D as much as we would like to. Laptops will be the next to adapt 3D as more supported content are being released. If you go to a computer store now, you might see one or two models, probably the laptops Asus and Acer introduced last year. The former has the Nvidia Vision 3D under its sleeves so expect a new wave of laptops soon.

Asus G51-3D laptop
Asus G51-3D laptop

Experience another reality – anywhere

This is more of good news to gamers than the casual internet user. Imagine a 3D version of Resident Evil 5 with all the eye-popping gameplay there; that’s awesome right? World of Warcraft also supports 3D. They’re quite popular now so if you’re planning to buy a 3D laptop and a gamer, don’t ever forget those titles – you’ll never regret buying them.

It would be more ideal to watch 3D on your TV but if you don’t have one yet, you’ll save a lot of bucks by just buying 3D laptops. Most manufacturers even throw in free glasses while if you plan to buy a 3DTV, you’re required to buy separate glasses which cost more than $100 usually.

3D Laptops Available Today

Asus G51-3D was the first 3D laptop to offer Nvidia Vision. It features a core i7 processor, 15.6 inch display, 4GB of RAM as well as a discrete video card with 1GB memory. HP also released its high end portable laptop, Envy line of laptops, to support 3D.

The HP Envy 17 3D will come with free shutter glasses and an ATI, I mean, AMD video card to name a few.

Sony has recently unveiled its first 3D laptop at an event this month. It sports a 240Hz refresh rate compared to other 3D laptops with just 120Hz. It’s only a prototype for now but fingers-crossed for it to ship soon this year.

Here’s a preview of that Sony laptop:


If not for the limited options for Blu-ray, 3D notebooks could’ve been introduced earlier. Technology improves all the time so maybe we’ll soon see a no-glasses 3D laptop or other cool gadgets. Although it’s currently not popular, there’ll be a slew of 3D devices later on so it’s inevitable for 3D notebooks to go mainstream.


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