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3D Printers will be as common as the Microwave.

Updated on June 22, 2016

Great Scott Marty!

The future is only an hour glass away. The world is slowly slipping into the bottom part of the glass. Even the hover boad has made an appearance online. But the main thing I see coming past the hover board is the 3D Printer. 3D printing is going to change the future once it becomes even more affordable and available. We already see it slowly making its way into the home. This is a look at how we will embrace this technology. Having been doing 3D for over 15 years I've seen a lot of changes in this industry. Software has become easier to use and more advanced. We will see more and more uses for this technology that will help us advance into the future.

I made this in zbrush and had it printed at
I made this in zbrush and had it printed at

Fig.1 - Liquid termintor 3d printing

Think of it this way.

Over the past few years we have seen 3d printers come out on the market. Yes they have been around for years. But these past few years the cost has dropped with a decent quality on those 3d printers. You can even order 3d printers from The Home Depot now. Think of it this way. You need a tool that someone created in 3d. A tool that suits your needs. You go to a site like You then download the tool you needed on your 3d printer. A couple of hours you have a physical model! The future I see we won't only be able to use plastics. We will have access to more materials that give us stronger 3d prints. They even now have 3d printers that are like the liquid terminator (see video Fig.1).

Inspiring video

A better future for tomorrow.

I came across this website the other day . It was good to see how 3d printing gives these kids a chance to have use of 3d printed prosthetic hands. When most people could not afford a high dollar one. The benefits of having a 3d printed one is that you can modify them. Making a better future for certain people who are in need of a 3d printed prosthetic. There is more information on the link I just posted if your interested in more information about the organization. I just recently found this site.

3d Printed Car

Allowing for better inventions

There will be a time when our younger generation will be the inventors of the future using 3d printers. More people will have access to fabricating an idea that they may have. It is coming fast in our coming years. In fact we are getting very close to that time already. More and more we will see the field of 3d graphics play a big part in creating something new. Looking online they have everything from 3d printed cars to 3d printed houses. This technology is only going to get better over the next few years.

How can you make your own prints?

There are a few websites out there that will print your 3d model for you like You do not even have to know 3d to download already created models. Again don't forget about sites like .You can access their model data base and download 3d models. Everything from cell phone holders to jewelry. If you really want a simple 3d method you can try this link . The list goes on an on. You may have to do a little home work to get a basic understanding. But even the home computer took some learning on everyones part. More and more people started to get a PC for the house. And now when you look around just about everyone has a basic understaind on how to work them now.

Learning to model in 3D.

With the advancement of 3D printers it will press on for more 3D artist and engineers. More and more people will start to learn how to create their own models and fabricate something that they came up with on their own. We are already seeing it with just about every 3D software that is out there. Being able to send your standard type of 3d printer format. People will see a reason to learn 3D and how things work. Anything from creating theit own action figures to creating a handy tool to use around the house.

Now you have the power!

I hope these links helped you in seeing the benefits of the future of 3d printing. I have always felt that it is going to spread like wild fire once the 3d printing bug catches on. The future generation will hopefully use this knowledge to make a bettter future. If you have any good sites that you have used to 3d print from please feel free to add it in the comments below! There can never be enough information to spread around. We can change our future for the better and make it the way we see it.

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