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The Magic Behind 3D Television

Updated on December 12, 2017

Enjoy 3D Technology at Home With a Hi-Def 3D TV

Do you and your family enjoy the excitement of watching 3D movies in the theater like I do? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the same technology at home?

With the prices of 3D televisions coming down and the number of movies and other exciting new venues coming out in 3D format, now is a great time to get in on this home entertainment revolution.

However, there are a few basics you need to have knowledge of before diving into the 3D arena, and the aim of this article is to help you find your way through some of the challenges and questions you may have.

Samsung 3D TV Advertisement at Times Square
Samsung 3D TV Advertisement at Times Square | Source

What's the Best Type of TV to Watch 3D Movies With?

Recent technology is bringing the 3D experience right into the home of many movie and TV buffs. Not only are more movies being shot using the latest in 3D technology, but the prices of the equipment needed are slowly coming down as well. Add to that the plans for more video games and television shows being produced in 3D, and you can see a trend beginning to appear.

To properly enjoy 3D games and movies in the comfort of your home, you will need a 3D-ready display. This can be a 3D LCD/LED/Plasma HDTV, a 3D projector, or a 3D computer monitor. These types of displays have a lot more processing power than the normal 2D display and have the capability of showing successive 3D images quickly.

You will also need a 3D capable player. This can be a Playstation 3 system enabled with 3D, a box from your cable company capable of 3D broadcasting, or a 3D DVD player (Blu-ray being recommended). Having said that, a good Blu-ray 3D DVD player will improve the quality of even your 2D DVDs, as well as have the capability to play all your old music CDs. This makes a good Blu-ray 3D player a great place to start on your 3D adventure if you can't afford a TV right at the moment.

Special HDMI cables to connect the player to the TV are also required. These high-speed cables are designed to transfer the signal from the source to the TV at speeds over 10 gigabits per second. This avoids any "bottle-necking" of data and results in great quality with no lag time.

Samsung Curved TV 3D Dual-View
Samsung Curved TV 3D Dual-View | Source

What Else is Needed Now That Your 3D TV is Set Up

To properly watch television in 3D, most 3D HDTVs need special glasses.

There are 2 main types of 3D glasses currently being used; those with battery powered active shutter lenses and those with passive polarized lenses.

Most TV manufacturers provide 3D glasses to match the technology being used, and there are tons of aftermarket glasses that will work across many brands.

Samsung SMART TV 7 Glasses
Samsung SMART TV 7 Glasses | Source

Starting Your 3D Movie Collection for Home Viewing

Last but not least, the DVDs, movies or games must be produced using 3D technology. This can vary from movie to movie, as some are shot mostly in 3D, while others may only have parts produced in 3D. Avatar is a good example of a popular movie shot mainly in 3D.

With cable and satellite providers moving into the 3D arena, as well as the gaming community jumping on board, the future of 3D home entertainment looks very promising. Technology is moving at such a rapid pace these days that there is no telling what is next on the horizon!

Collection of Popular 3D Movies
Collection of Popular 3D Movies | Source

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    • vineliner57 profile image

      Hal Gall 3 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      Now they are coming out with Ultra HD televisions. No telling what will be next. Holodecks?

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 3 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I must be way behind the curve. I hadn't even thought of there being a home 3-D market. At this point I can't imagine that there's a lot of 3-D content available. And since my preference is for old movies and TV shows, 3-D technology probably won't be on my shopping list for a while.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      How fun one of these would be to have.

    • profile image

      halloweenprops 4 years ago

      I'll probably go 3D TV in the next 12 months if these tech companies don't develop some new super enhancement by then.