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4 Budget Friendly Headphones you should Check out

Updated on August 8, 2011

Head phones. Ear buds. Whatever you like to call them, many people use some type of devices that attaches to our audio sources and goes to our ears. I probably have gone through about a hundred pair of these in my lifetime. Why? Because I buy the cheap 15 dollar fellows and replace them when they get worn out. I have had pairs that lasted 4 years, I had one that didn't last a week. The culprit is always the same: one ear bud stops working.

So I went out and bought as many of the cheap little guys around town that I could find. I probably have at least 10 different styles, but here are four of the ones that I really like:

Sony Over-the-ear Headphones

I would rate these guys as my number one headphone out of the bunch. Why? Because they fit really good, and most people I know that use them say they fit really well. It's like a universal headphone. While I don't recommend sharing headphones with anyone, isn't it nice to know that you can buy a pair that those people you won't be sharing with could hypothetically use?

These guys have an extremely good sound to them as well. The bass is not top notch, but I don't have anything really to base that off of. I've never owned a pair of those 1000 dollar, molded to your ear canal headphones. The cord length is also appreciated and here's why. I'm a tall guy, 6'4 and bits. When my ipod is in my pocket and I want to listen to tunes, I don't want to have to bend over so my cord can reach. And yes, I've owned a pair that made me have to do that.

Picked these up at the local target for 13 bucks. Great buy. This is the same model that I had one time that lasted me 3 years. THREE YEARS! But ever since then, the best I've gotten out of one is 6 months.

Skullcandy Ink'd Silver Ear buds

What I absolutely love about these headphones is the bass quality. There is a foam insert that goes over the speaker, with three different sizes of foam insert, that let you get the sucker way down into the crapper of your ear canal. It almost hurts how far down you can get it. I LOVE IT. You got the sound coming right at those little cochleas and it sounds like heaven.

As I stated, it comes with different sized inserts so you can try and match it up to your ear as best you can. I don't have relatively huge ears, but even so, I still found that the biggest size fit me best. The cord length is something to be desired. I had a little difficulty stretching out with my ipod in my pocket and the buds in my ear. I even had them fall out once.

Picked these guys up at the local Shopko for 14 bucks. Probably extra money because well it's Shopko. These guys, I can't really tell how long they last because the only pairs I've owned were either left hanging out of the car door and towed to death or eaten by my mom's cat. They always worked until then!

Sony Earbud Headphones|1287991011&searchSize=30&searchPage=1&searchNodeID=1038576|1287991011&searchBinNameList=subjectbin%2Cprice%2Ctarget_com_primary_color-bin%2Ctarget_com_size-bin%2Ctarget_com_brand-bin&frombrowse=0

Other than the uninspired name, these headphones and I have a love hate relationship. You see, I hate them really. But for some reason, whenever I go to buy new headphones after a pair of the ones I really like (see above) or a pair of those fit in your ear kind, I think, “Hey I kind of like these. I'll get these this time.” I should shoot myself in the face. But I always go back to them, so I had to include them.

These head phones aren't comfortable at all. The shape is designed for someone with those really big trapezoid shaped inner ear lobe. Wait, you don't have one of those? Me either. The volume is terrible, because you have to blast the thing just to get some noise into your ear. Then they blow out because that's not good on an ear piece.

Another thing I've found is that after only a month or so, one of the wires gets jolted inside either ear piece and it starts cutting out sound. I cannot stand that. To me, half a pair of headphones is a broken pair of head phones. Not to mention the cord length is laughable at best.

The only good thing about them is they are a cheap torture device. 8 Bucks to kill someone's ears isn't a bad price at all.

The Earphones that come with an ipod touch/nano

I don't know why I really like these head phones. Their design is a bit nonsensical. They don't rest overly comfortably in your ear, and they don't have high output. But for some reason, they are comfortable and the clarity is excellent. They also have a mic so you can use the microphone feature on those 2nd gen ipod touches that don't have a built in speaker.

The cord length is LOOOOONG. Like store the ipod in your shoe and still reach long. The bass, eh, not so good. I think they were going for clear voice quality over music here. I don't want to damage them because the mic feature on my itouch is quite nice, so I just store them for that occasion.

Hope you find this useful if you're like me and out to buy some new cheap headphones!


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    • WilliamB23 profile image

      William Bales 4 years ago from North County San Diego

      I can really appreciate this review. I am in the same boat as you with always burning through a pair of earbuds. I always get a pair of around $16-30 earbuds. They're my little workers. I just wrote a hub on a pair of phillips I've had for over four years. Check them out, judging by your list I think you'll like them. Thanks for the content!

    • flagostomos profile image

      flagostomos 4 years ago from Washington, United States

      Hmm, I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

    • Tonyx35 profile image

      J Antonio Marcelino 4 years ago from Illinois, USA

      The Sony MDR-J10s are my favorite cheap earphones.

      Stays in (and on) my ears.

      Others of this type seem to keep falling out. A problem for me.