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3 Free Ways to Automate Your Tweets

Updated on September 15, 2014
" A tweet a day keeps your twitter alive "
" A tweet a day keeps your twitter alive "

Why Automate your tweets ?

Keeping your twitter alive is one of the most important thing you go to do if you want to gain more followers and increase your influential score in twitter. Thus increasing traffic to your website or increasing your sales via twitter.

Automating tweets is best method to keep your twitter alive.

But one thing you need to remember is that you should not over do this, 5-10 tweets per day should be the maximum. You should not forget to interact with users who Re-Tweets or Replies to your tweets else they'll think your a twitter bot.

Timing your important tweets at the peek time when most of your followers online will increase the reach and interaction to that tweet.

you may also check out my previous hub on 5 Simple steps to get good quality followers in twitter.

Keeping these in our mind let us see how we can automate our tweets.

IFTTT sign in page
IFTTT sign in page
Recipe for automatically tweeing new feed content
Recipe for automatically tweeing new feed content

Update tweets via feeds

Got a blog or a website ?

If you got a blog or a website which you regularly updates, you can use IFTTT to automate your tweet when a new update or post is added to your blog

Even if you don't have a blog you can find some blogs which updates frequently and linking those sites with your twitter will help you automate your tweets

It is easy to log in and once you have logged in to it with your email id, there will be an option to Create recipe, Click on that

Then select trigger as Feed and Action as Twitter, link your twitter account. That's it, next time when your feed gets updated IFTTT will post a tweet in your twitter

Using Buffer to schedule your tweets

Buffer is an excellent app to schedule your tweets and with the help of Tweriod you can find the perfect time to tweet, that is when most of your followers are online.

With your free Buffer account you can schedule up to 10 tweets. It also it also shows the Analytics of your tweets, like how many people have Re-tweeted, Mentioned, Favorited, Clicked or viewed yourtweets.

Buffer also have its extensions for Google Chrome, with which you can Buffer pages and Images with the right click menu.

There is also an option to link your Buffer account with your IFTTT account. So if there is a need feed IFTTT instead of tweeting send it to Buffer and it gets posted at the very best time.

Circular home page
Circular home page

Have a bunch of tweets tailored for many days to come by ?

Lets say you already have a website filled with lots and lots of articles, then you can download all the article name along with their links and add it to the app known as .

Circular is an open source Buffer app, you can add as many twitter accounts you want and as many tweets you want. so now all you have to do is submit all of your tweets in Circular and let it do the job. If you submitted 100 tweets and scheduled it as 4 tweets per day then you don't have to worry about tweeting for 25 days.

You may also add some interesting tweets , images etc to keep it interactive.

Its like a set it and leave it system, you can gather couple of hundreds of tweets for each one of your twitter account and all you have to do is link those twitter account to Circular and submit these tweets to each one of them, then you don't have to worry about these account for at least a month.


If you have multiple accounts and if you want to check the interactions and DM's of those account at the same place you may consider installing TweetDeck in you system or browser.

Did you use any of these services before ? Which one was it ?

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So if you are a blogger and update your contents regularly or have some frequently updating feeds with you then make those feeds as your trigger in IFTTT and Tweet as the action.

Buffer app can be used to schedule your tweets at appropriate time using Tweriod. Bufferapp's extension is available for chrome which make it easy for you to Buffer a page or an image from a website.

You can link your Buffer app and IFTTT account so that instead of posting tweets at some random time, it will post it to Buffer which schedules the tweet at appropriate times.

If you got a large list of tweets for each account you can go to Circualr and can refill it when ever it is about to get over.

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    • Atz profile image

      Athul M R 4 years ago from Calicut, Kerala, INDIA

      Hello DDE, feedback like this keeps me motivated. Thank you very much for stopping by and I just followed you on twitter =)

    • Atz profile image

      Athul M R 4 years ago from Calicut, Kerala, INDIA

      Hi teaches12345, I'm sure you'll get to love twitter once you start using it =)

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      3 Free Ways to Automate Your Tweets is informative and most helpful to users of Twitter I am registered with Twitter and this information is helpful to me.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      I have yet to join twitter, guess I'm behind on this social marketing venue. Thanks for the information. I will keep it in mind.