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4 Great TV Brands that You Can Trust the Most

Updated on March 10, 2013

Do you care about TV brand?

TVs are essential for most of us. Most people use TVs daily on a regular basis. In this situation, it is really important that the TV you own belongs to a great brand. The following four TV makers are four of the most brilliant TV manufacturers of the world:

1. Sony

As you are already aware, Sony is one of the best electronics manufacturers of the world. The company is originally called Sony Corporation, and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Strangely, founded on 7 May, 1946, the company is not very old. The TVs made by Sony are some of the most excellent TVs in the whole world. Most of the Sony TVs provide excellent picture quality, and are preferred by a truly large number of customers. Sony has a very strong presence in some other aspects of electronics industry too, like home theaters, laptops, computer accessories etc. The brand has emerged really strong, and it has proved to be one of the constant leaders of the electronics industry over the years. This brand has a loyal base of customers all over the world, and people are not at all afraid to trust the brand.

2. Samsung

This South Korean company is headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Founded in 1938, the company is a bit older than Sony. The brand manufactures a great range of electronics, and it is maker of some other kinds of products too. Over the recent years, the company has built a really huge number of followers in the TV industry. Pretty much all Samsung TVs are great. The company is one of those TV makers who keep up with the ongoing trends and release the latest products frequently. Most Samsung TVs are truly modern, and are equipped with a range of very advanced features. Samsung makes some very affordable as well as some very expensive TVs.

3. LG

Like Samsung, LG is a South Korean company too. The two companies are located very closely, the main headquarters of LG being in Yeouido-dong,Seoul. This company was founded in 1958 and has a worldwide reach. The brand has some of the best TVs to its credit. TVs made by LG generally tend to be really stylish and the quality of materials used is very high in most cases. LG makes sure that their TVs satisfy their customers wholly. It is truly one of the most brilliant TV makers the world has ever witnessed.

4. Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation was formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. The company was established in March 13, 1918. Like Sony Corporation, Panasonic too happens to be a Japanese company. It is headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. The brand has manufactured TVs for many years; however, it is only recently that this brand has started making a significant mark in the TV industry. These days, Panasonic TVs are totally brilliant in every way possible. People are buying Panasonic TVs like never before, and the company is growing more and more popular as a great TV maker.

Apart from the above mentioned brands, there are some other really good TV manufacturers like Philips, Toshiba etc. However, the above four TV makers are more popular and established as TV manufacturers compared to other companies.

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    • faithshore profile image

      faithshore 4 years ago

      Hey Slevin, great to hear from you!

      Well, I think you have a fair point. Also, sometimes, just the brand name is not enough. Each and every top brand tends to make some not-so-great products too. I hope you will be more cautious next time you buy something huge. Take care! :)

    • profile image

      Slevin 4 years ago

      This is exactly the info I’ve been looking for! My family and I love our new Sony, but it took me a long time to find the perfect one. I wish I had seen this page a year ago, as I have a couple HDTVs in the home that I’m not thrilled with, where I wanted to try and save a few bucks and ended up with a lower quality that didn’t justify the lower price I work at DISH and a coworker of mine referred me to your site when I upgraded my home satellite receiver. We just got the DISH Hopper, with which we can get full HD and DVR on four different TV sets. However, we only had three TVs on the day of the install, and I wanted to use the Hopper to its full potential. The best part of having the Hopper hooked up to four TVs, this new Sony being one of them, is that now no one misses a show over a DVR timer conflict, which had been happening a few times a week with only three TVs.