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4 Key Reasons Users Uninstall Your App

Updated on April 19, 2016

After all those countless hours of conceptualizing, sweating and arguing, you finally launched your app. Your marketing efforts paid off and the app gained the momentum on the app store as you expected. Everything was going according to the plan. You were quite proud to cross the 1K mark. But to your dismay, the downloads soon began to tumble. There were more users uninstalling your app than those installing it.

It was heartbreaking. The users uninstall an app because of a number of reasons. Here are the 4 key reasons why users uninstall an app and what to do about it.

1. Poor Onboarding Experience

When we make a foray into a new venture, we all need a little handholding, at least in the initial stage. It’s only human. Once done with building an app, most developers and businesses get so bent on publishing it that they ignore to design a robust onboarding process for the target audience. The first time users open your app after downloading it, they expect to go through the basic features and functionality of the app. If the app doesn’t come useful to users at those initial moments, it is bound to get uninstalled sooner or later. So set the first impression right - Build a compelling app onboarding experience for your users.


2. Nosy Push Notifications

Just because you got a user to opt in for push notifications, it doesn’t mean you can send him/her as many as messages as you possibly can. When it comes to push notifications, there’s a thin line between engaging your audience and annoying them. To get it right, look out for an app builder that allows you to send and schedule time-sensitive, geo-smart push notifications to your targeted audience.

3. Requesting Personal Information

According to a survey conducted by CMO council, 68% of millennials consider their smartphones to be a personal device. But the more a mobile device becomes personal, the more skeptical users get about sharing their personal information. You might have come across mobile apps that ask for too much information upfront. How do you react? Well, if you are like most of the users, you are simply turned off and most likely uninstall the app. It’s a good practice to wait for a while before sending such prompts to the users. Once the users become familiar with the app, they will be more at ease sharing their personal information with you.

4. Overlooking User Feedback

The secret key to rising up to the top charts on the app store is to keep evolving. And to keep evolving, you need to keep a tab on user feedback. Once you know what makes them click and what makes them tick off, you can make the necessary changes and deploy them for improving the end experience. The top grossing apps out there are at the top because they never turned a cold shoulder to their users. Mind it – Feedback matters!


The Takeaway

According to a study conducted by Localytics, about 25% of the users delete an app just after using it once. App installs seem to be a grim metric to keep a watch on. Nevertheless, it’s very effective in diagnosing what’s wrong with your app and how to get it fixed. There’s a wise quote – A smart man builds his house out of the bricks thrown on him. Keeping a track of app uninstalls might seem like collecting those bricks but at the end of the day, it only helps your app drive towards success!


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