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Microblogging Sites - 40 Twitter like Websites List

Updated on February 22, 2015
Anamika S profile image

Anamika S Jain is a Social Media Consultant who handles the FaceBook, Twitter and Blog of a top Bollywood Actress.

What is Microblogging

Microblogging is a combination of blogging and instant messaging. Microblogging websites allow users to create a short message with 140 to 200 characters that is posted on their profile which gets broadcasted to their followers or friends instantly. These messages or updates can be submitted by a variety of means, including text messaging, instant messaging, email, digital audio or the web. These messages also can be received with a variety of computing devices, including cell phones. In short these Sites make communication fast and easy. Although most microblog broadcasts are posted as text format there are some microblogging services which allow video or audio posts.

High PR Twitter like Microblogging Sites List for 2012
High PR Twitter like Microblogging Sites List for 2012

Microblogging WebSites List

When we hear the term ‘microblogging’ the site Twitter is what comes into our mind. But do you know there are plenty of other alternatives to Twitter. Given below are some great microblogging sites online.

1.Twitter: Twitter is the leader of the Pack and has become almost synonymous to microblogging. Twitter has popularized the concept of microblogging. It has changed the way people use the internet and has increased the time they use the computer. It provides many online activities from internet marketing, online diary updating, affiliate marketing, blog traffic generation and a lot more. The main success for twitter has been that it provides 3rd party developers to make application for it. Add me on Twitter

2. FriendFeed: Friendfeed is a microblogging site which is close on heals with Twitter with it's a real time aggregator that combines instant messaging and microblogging. This Site also helps to consolidates the updates from social bookmarking websites, blogs and micro-blogging, social media and social networking websites and share it with your friends in the Site. Add me on FriendFeed

3. Tumblr: This Site is known for its simplicity and functionality. It is a combination of microblogging and social networking and allows you to post text, pictures, video, audio, chat and links. It also gives the option for members to customize their own page or even have their own domain names. The Tumblr updates are called tumbledogs.

4. Posterous: Posterous is one of my favorite micro-blogging platform in this article and I use it to promote my articles. It’s extremely easy to set up and use; the only thing you need to get started is a working email account. Add me on Posterous

5. Plurk: Plurk is a combination of social networking and microblogging. The updates or messages in Plurk are called plurks. Members can send plurks to other members in the form of links to their blog posts or other sites and short messages. With Plurk you can network with other people who have the same interests as you are. However, I am yet to figure out how it works. Add me on Plurk

6. Jaiku: This Site has most features and functions are similar.

7. Sweetter: Sweetter allows members to broadcast about your activities and also follow other members. This site has a voting system where members can vote up the posts that they like while vote down those that they don’t want to appear higher in the index page.

8. is a microblogging service that runs on an open source, Creative Common framework.

9. Brightkite: Brightkite helps members in connecting with the people and places around you.

10. Plerb: is a simple, free microblogging service and chat community where the member can connect with friends, meet interesting new people and find new business contacts.

11. Pownce: With Pownce I can post messages, links, files, or events which are viewable by friends and fans of an individual. Pownce also serves as an advertising channel.

12. Microblogr: Microblogr is a microblogging and social networking service allows instant collaboration with friends from the network using their SMS feature. It allows communication with members through their index page and also on their mobile phone if this service is activated by them.

13. Yammer: Yammer is a great tool for companies and organizations to update them of their member’s activities. This is an excellent microblogging tool for coworkers in any company or organization and the privacy of every member and the company is secured as those who can access are only those with a valid company email address.

14. Dailybooth: Dailybooth is a micro-blogging platform that deals only in pictures. The concept behind Dailybooth is to take and upload a picture of you everyday even if it is a bad hair day. It’s simple to use – you upload or email in your pictures and it’s done.

15. MySay: MySay is a unique microblogging platform where instead of text updates, users call MySay and say how they are doing today. Then, friends or family can listen via phone, e-mail, or the web.

16. Hictu: Hictu is a service for video microbloggers. A webcam and a mouse-click is all that is needed to create a video post here.

17. 12 Seconds: 12 Seconds is a micro-blogging video website.

18. Utterli: Utterli is a hybrid social media posting site where you can upload multiple types of media including voice files and post on a timeline.

19. Frazr: Frazr is a Twitter like microblogging site focused primarily on the French and German markets.

20. Rememble: Rememble is a 'washing line' for your digital bits and pieces. Thread together texts, photos, videos, sounds, scribbles, scans, notes and even tweets so they're not drifting in a digital wasteland.

21. Mixin: Mixin is the place where people can easily share their micro-agenda like small info that is interesting when it is about getting organized with friends.

22. Spotjots: Spotjots is a microblogging service which combines geo location and mapping for real time sharing of information. Here a member can send in updates which are geo located and mapped out that can be viewed by the friends.

23. AQA2U: AQA2U is essentially a micro-publishing platform that allows premium-rate SMS mobile question and answer. Using AQA anyone can stay in touch with friends, fans and followers, making money for themselves or charities at the same time.

24. Open Microblogging: This is an open standard that allows users on different micro-blogging services to communicate with each other.

25. Meemi: Meemi enables one to share thoughts, links, images, videos on the web with friends easily.

26. Koornk

27. You are

28. Qaiku

29. Secondbrain

30. Watwet

31. Adocu (nanoblogging service)

32. Floort

33. Cromple

34. Bloggino

35. PageMEME

36. Squiper

37. Cestu

38. Zannel



41. Unitymix

42. Swebbo

43. Myyearbook

44. Hellotxt

However, Even though there are over 40 Sites List to choose from a user may not be able to effectively use more than 5 sites. You can pick the sites which are best suited for your usage and concentrate on them.


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  • vrdm profile image

    Deacon Martin 

    3 years ago from Bristol, UK

    Very helpful / useful... Many thanks.

  • anandmistry.uh profile image


    8 years ago from Ahmedabad, India

    Hi Anamika,

    You are rocking on Hubpages... I am quite excited to publish my first hub on Hubpages. I have decided similar subject for my first Hub. Now, I have to change my mind. Because, you have done magic on this subject. :)

  • TheKatsMeow profile image

    Katee Shew 

    8 years ago from Canada

    Very cool! I haven't heard of most of these, so it was really great to read about them! thanks for this :)

  • Kaiharriss profile image


    8 years ago from Wandsworth, London

    I love twitter and tumblr. I did not tried other. But now I am looking for making the account on not all but on few of them.

  • craftycain profile image


    8 years ago from Los Angeles

    The names of the sites alone made this a good read. lol Great round up!

  • cashmere profile image


    8 years ago from India

    I've not even heard of a number of these sites, thanks for the list Anamika

  • alexa001 profile image


    8 years ago from HOLTSVILLE NY

    Amazing information found here. Thanks..:)

  • suvitharoja profile image


    8 years ago from India

    Great efforts. I appreciate it. Keep posting

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Nice blog. Very helpful for SEO.

  • profile image

    PR Agencies 

    8 years ago

    Great blog! I genuinely adore how it really is quick on my eyes along with the info are well written. I’m wondering how I may be notified whenever a brand new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which must do the trick! Have a nice day!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Thanks for the information. You are the best

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    MyYearbook is microblogging b/c you can only have 140 characters per status. And same thing I think for HelloTxt and GBuzz (Google Buzz)

  • profile image

    Princess Pitt 

    9 years ago

    posterous is my favorite ! nice hub ! xx

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Great sources. My search end here. Thanks.

  • zaap profile image


    9 years ago

    I am reading your article for long time. I am really impress to see this kind of list.....!

    and to know, you are interested in various fields.

    keep doing..........!

  • positivevibestech profile image


    9 years ago

    very good information thank you.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    That's a big list of sites i never knew even existed, i heard google brought jaiku. i have you tried

  • dallas93444 profile image

    Dallas W Thompson 

    10 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

    Flag up, and useful. An encyclopedia of knowledge. Thanks for the research.

  • Cheeky Girl profile image

    Cassandra Mantis 

    10 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

    Cheers for an interesting hub here. I never heard of half of this lot! Wow! That's a lot of Microbloggers out there! : )

  • DevinG profile image


    10 years ago from Redlands

    That's quite a list. Thanks for this, I was curious about the microblogging sites that there are out there.. but I didn't want to sift through Google :p

  • save my system profile image

    save my system 

    10 years ago from United Kingdom - London

    Thanks for sharing this. I guess twitter is most popular micro blogging site. Reason behind the popularity of all this site is that they allow us to keep in touch with friends and express out thoughts with them. If you utilize it with efficiency then they are very good source to increase web traffic.

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    WoW! Thanks so much for compiling this list.

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Wow, I did not know there were so many out there.

  • Azhar Kamar profile image

    Azhar Kamar 

    10 years ago from Singapore

    Great list! Well done.

  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 

    10 years ago from South East Asia

    What an amazing array. One wonders why we really need so many. Thank you.

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Specially "BrightKite" and "" are fantastic microblogging site to be a part of. Making friends and exploring different features is quite FUN in both these sites. Thanks for your information about all these sites.

  • profile image

    Umakanta Beriha 

    10 years ago is an AWESOME microblogging site. Thank you for recommending. Lot of features to explore and making friends and posting message is quite pleasurable. Thanks a lot.

  • skyfire profile image


    10 years ago

    Microblogging sites can be a good source of traffic and of course backlink if they allow dofollow(tumblr/ has dofollow).

    Nice Hub anamika :)

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    A great list as well as very helpful for neubies like me. Thanks for giving such an informative hub. Keep it up.

  • Sage Williams profile image

    Sage Williams 

    10 years ago

    Hi Anamika, there are so many here that I am not familiar with. Thanks so much for this very important list. I will definitely bookmark and check some new ones out.

    Great Job,


  • shazwellyn profile image


    10 years ago from Great Britain

    That's a great list of sites my friend! I shall be signing up to these soon.. bookmarked x

  • Anamika S profile imageAUTHOR

    Anamika S Jain 

    10 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    Thanks for all the visit and valuable comments. There are in fact more Twitter Alternatives and i have listed only 40 here. Would keep updating the list. Finding sites which suit our requirement can help a lot with our promotional activities.

  • quicksand profile image


    10 years ago

    I wasn't aware that there were 40 micro blogging sites. I guess the number will start growing. Anyway, I too have bookmarked it. Many thanks for the info.

  • andromida profile image

    syras mamun 

    10 years ago

    Great information Anamika.I have bookmarked it.Thanks a lot.

  • HubMania profile image


    10 years ago from India

    Hey your microblogging list looks great. It is really necessary at least for the first time.

  • Coolmon2009 profile image


    10 years ago from Texas, USA

    Thanks for sharing I will bookmark this one

  • chaitanyaviral profile image


    10 years ago from India

    hi anamika,

    I think you're still adding the list. But I was curious to see the list. I think I haven't heard of them most. So it's new to me. I am loving the entire list. Thanks for sharing it, as it may help me for my backlink building campaigns. Thanks a lot.


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