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36 Phone Applications That Should Exist

Updated on November 16, 2017

What if someone could create Application that can run errands for you? Imagine an 'Uber' of people whom you send to get things for you and deliver them wherever you want. Once upon a time we couldn't envisage an idea like Uber. But here we are. We "get there" anywhere.

Here are some 36 Applications( which will be referred to as "Apps" throughout the article), some possible and some not, that should exist.


1. App that can reveal the identity of a Facebook pseudo account holder

Most Facebook users hold multiple Facebook accounts, sometimes to achieve some mischievous agendas. Someone narrated to me an incident where he tested his girlfriend to find out if she was loyal. He presented himself as a wealthy man interested in getting involved with her romantically. That's a test most people fail, maybe out of curiosity or because they want to weigh options, I don't know. Anyway she failed the test and showed up on a date only to find out that her man was just playing a game on her. They broke up. That aside, finding out someone's identity on Facebook is almost impossible if he/she is keen on hiding it. You can be bullied, blackmailed and catfished by a pseudo-account.

I think we all agree that we sure need an App for this. In fact I think it's long overdue.

2. A Lie-Detecting App

It's like a polygraph but now it's an app. You just have to install it and run it by yourself. Imagine an app that rids the world of one small yet really BIG main problem -a lying tongue.

3.The Perfect Gift App

Every Christmas, birthdays, weddings and every Valentine's day we rack our brains wondering what people really want for a gift. Will this be a social media App that has " perfect gift" as a profile detail and all we have to do is to.make people we intend to gift to join the App? If we cannot have an app that tells us exactly what gift our people would like can we at least have an app that has really nice gift tips?

4.What your partner really wants to hear you say

We want to tell our partners the right things. We want to text them things they will like. If we cannot tell them the exact right words that they would love to hear then we will be okay with an app with countless generic words that can please.

5.If someone is in multiple relationships

For the monogamous us. We do not want to unknowingly end up in multiple relationships. Some people like stringing several people along we would like an app that can tell us whether we are involved with a philanderer without evoking our spying tacticts intensively.

I have an idea about this. Accessing marital documents is especially a task. So, first have married or dating people to join the app. What will you call it? Something like "We -are-married/dating-app", or " we-are-taken-app".

It would be a two-stage process. First you must find the people who would like to list their marital or dating status. Secondly, you find the people who would want to search a person's marital status.This app will be nice if it can work like Truecaller.

Say my name is Mary and my boyfriend's or husband's name is Tom Smith. I sign up as Mary Smith enter the profile details -married to, dating, from which year, enter my and his phone number ,then proof - say a copy of a marriage certificate or a wedding photo or a simple photo of us together....

So Mr. Smith met someone who maybe doesn't know I exist. He was acting single. She finds the app, installs, signs up and does a search with say his phone number, he shows could charge her to find out all the details.

Just like that you would have helped out people who say "we did not know he/she was involved with someone else..."

6.Expose your partner's darkest secret

How will we do this without dragging our partner to the 'Moment of Truth' show?

We want an app that can expose those dark secrets in this judgmental world where people are only as clean as they can hide their secrets. Once you judge me I just install an app to dig out something about you

7.If someone has a sexually transmitted disease

That would be really nice. Some people will approach you and get intimate with you without telling you that they have an itch. I once read a real life story about a woman who lived with a man for eight months before finding out that he had all along been living with HIV. When she got sick that's when he disclosed his status. Imagine that!

Probably an impossible App but about keeping a patient's medical history. Maybe it will come to life on that one sweet day when sexually transmitted diseases will not be confidential information anymore - or maybe we also need an App that can reveal the sites that your partner is visiting so that you can wonder, "...why is he/ she visiting that STD info site frequently?"

8.If someone really loves you

That's the question in almost everyone's mind. From the little ones to the elderly, we are all curious about this. Will we have an "he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not" app or what? Nope. We want something accurate.

9. Let's Vote App

Elections should be really simple. This means that you vote from home. You just install the App, vote and be done. The body overseeing the voting only waits for the results on the other end. The results can be displayed on the App too. People vote and the results are received immediately by all. Of course this needs a perfect system that cannot allow rigging. But even voting as we do still has it's loopholes, and in the end some countries still complain of rigging, so why not have this App?

10.App that stores all your phone data separately for life

I don't want to ever read " memory full again." I do not my phone to shut down just because it is overwhelmed by information. I just want an app that allows me to install whatever I want, whenever I want no matter how large it is. I want the app to store everything until forever. Phone stays clean and empty, the app has space till infinity and eternity.

11. An app you can use to find your missing items

I want an app that tells me that my key is hiding in my bed or my phone is swimming in the sink.Looking for items indoors can make most people run mad. Sometimes we look for our spectacles in a whole house and when we give up and decide to sit and think deeply about where we must have kept it we hear a "crack". Sat on. Spectacle wearers can relate. I recently stepped on mine beyond repair. I really need an app that can help me find some things...phones, spectacles, keys, the remote control, cards, money...

12.It tells you exactly what to do to lose weight

I'm done guessing because that's what we all do. I need to know that if I do this I will definitely lose weight. I don't want to go on guessing for three months. I definitely do not want a trainer, I cannot take the pressure. I want to do it at my own pace. Please an app that tells us exactly what to do to lose weight. And no I do not mean surgery. I mean an app that knows what your body needs to do to lose weight.This App is like a really good personal trainer.

13.Gives you interior and outdoor design ideas for your home

Not just ideas but a real plan. You take a photo of your dull outdoors and indoors and it virtually re-organises everything for you to perfection and all you have to do is arrange your place as it shows in the app.

How cool is that?

14.How to be influential

We all want to matter. We want to say something and have an ovation or at least an applause. Most if us cannot even have an audience of three people. When we talk no one stops to listen. We talk while they talk, we post updates on social media no likes, no sharing, no comment - no one cares! That should end with this app. It should at least give us tips. I need to simply say "yes we can..." and that becomes a slogan.

This app...anyone?

15. An app that has ready market for your business

For any business to flourish there must be a seller and a buyer. If no one can buy your products just close shop. Finding the first customers is the toughest part. Especially on online business. I've had it with websites promising millions of clients - you purchase and in exchange end up with spam, yuck. That's what happened to me when I thought of launching a website. I was excited about increased traffic only to realise that it was all spam.

I don't mean an app that works like a market. I want an app that gives you your own customers. People who want to buy your product. So if I want to sell toys, I install the app and just like that I have my first customers. Or if I want to lauch a dating site, I install the app and my first real customers stream in. They probably will be paid customers.They could be a sales-team. I don't know. I just want this app.

16.An app that can take care of your children when you die

Since death is unpredictable we all worry about how we will leave our children. Any parent will tell you, the greatest wish is for the children to live on as if they were there.

We wish for an App that can do everything we did for our kids.


17. An App that can diagnose diseases

Sometimes a disease can strike between check-ups. It's really heartbreaking to hear a doctor say, " has progressed so much. We wish you had checked in earlier. For now there's nothing we can do..."

That, and also checking with the doctor who runs all sorts of tests and just cannot find what's ailing you. Some doctors even rely on Google. I want to enter my list of symptoms into this app and have a diagnosis then walk into a pharmacy, get the drugs and be well. Sometimes Google helps out like that. But Google gives will present all kinds of diseases with similar symptoms. I once had a terrible stomach-ache, Googling my symptoms led me to a site discussing cancer, oh my God. I want an accurate app. I want to check in with the doctor when it's really something serious that might probably require surgery. It would benefit doctors too.

19. An app that tells you exactly what to wear and look good

I dread looking for the perfect thing to wear. I hate how I have to look through clothes still leave the house feeling not all right.

I want an app that shows me the best clothes to wear. It should know the clothes in my closet and give me ideas and even rate them. After that, all I have to do is to just pick the clothes as suggested by the app and leave. No more leaving heaps of clothes on the floor and bed whenever I leave the house.

20. An app that warns you if a place is dangerous or insecure

Some places seem peaceful and silent. We need an App that tells us if the place is indeed just silent and peaceful or really dangerous and insecure. You should be able to install the App to know exactly how unsafe that place is. It should be able to read the mood of a place.

21. An app that alerts your family friends and even the police if you are in danger and gives your location too

In this age of kidnappings and abuse we need this App yesterday. It will be like a tracker but it's a tracker that can alert people if you are in danger and guide them to your location. Will it be connected to a jewellery, tatoo, phones? I don't know. It's just nice to know that someone in danger while on this app will never just disappear into thin air after this App comes into existence.

22. An app that can identify your hobby

It is normal to live and die and never know what your hobby is. Some people know for a fact that they love drawing or building apps, or anything. Some do not know what they are good at. In this day and age where you can make money with a hobby this App can come in handy.

23. Can charge the phone

Won't we like this? When you are out away from civilization you do not have to worry abour running out if charge, the App has your back. Anytime your phone runs out battery, the App recharges it.How nice!!!

24.An App that shows me who's snooping on my Personal Facebook page

We are all curious about who snoops through our Facebook walls because we also snoop through other people's walls.It's fun to find out who was curious enough to check your wall and also, you want to know if you are popular. Facebook should either install that feature or create an App that allows us to feed our curiosity.

25. An App that can collect debts

An app that collects debts

Collecting debts is everyone's nightmare. Debts can turn nice friends into enemies. Debts can cause family members to be estranged.

Some debtors really hate the part when they should pay their debts. They give us a hard time, we really are not intrested in tackling debtors. We just want to get our money when we agreed we will get it so please do not default the payment. I'd like an App that allows me to get my money when time is due. Getting money from a family member is especially hard, I want an App that allows me to tell my brother that I have settled the amount he owes me from the App. I don't know how the App will work. The debtor probably leaves banking details with me which I use when time is due.

26. An App that can read fingerprints

Sometimes we have to go to the cops so that they can "dust prints". We need to be able to do that ourselves too. I simply use the app to maybe scan the prints and it directs me to a data base. So when you find your jewellery box open you just run a scan. Or if you find a missing item has been returned you simply read the prints. Isn't this a great idea?

27.An app that can help you snoop your partner's social media messages

I hear there's an App out already that can help you read someone else's Whatsapp messages. I have also read about people who have installed Apps in their partner's phones to read text messages. I haven't tried those Apps out yet. I will and I should.

When you want a monogamous union you definitely do not want to be with someone who is still flirting and wooing people on social media - or even anywhere.Snooping is not bad. It's not a sign of distrust or insecurity, no. We just want to be sure that we are on the same page. Allowing our partners to access our social media with our passwords isn't the solution. Some people are very good at deleting messages. I actually was once involved with a man who voluntarily allowed me access to his Facebook and one day I checked in only to find a message that he hadn't yet read or deleted from his partner. She eventually sent me a whole thread of messages that he had been sending, reading and deleting. It was such damning information that I dumped him immediately. I need an App very soon.

28. An app that can detect fake valuables (money, jewellery, artwork)

People are getting smarter. In the past you could tell that an item was fake with naked eyes. But nowadays, you not only need instruments, but also experts, to detect really defined details. You almost cannot tell the difference between what's real and what's fake anymore. We do not want to get duped, don't we? When people pay items with cash you do not want to risk accepting fake money. When someone sells or gives you jewellery or artwork you should be able to personally be able to verify it's authencity.

29. Change background with just a tap

I do not want to go through the trouble of getting a computer or laptop just to change my photo's background. I want to just tap it like I would do on desktop. It should be an easy tap. The options around are Apps that really do not work. You cannot tap the background into the colour you desire. In this day and age of instagram and getting famous and rich with mere pictures, we need this App yesterday.

I do not want to go through the trouble of getting a computer or laptop just to change my photo's background. I want to just tap it like I would do on desktop. It should be an easy tap. The options around are Apps that really do not work. You cannot tap the background into the colour you desire. In this day and age of instagram and getting famous and rich with mere pictures, we need this App yesterday.

30.Can store and increase battery charge span for real

Very nice phones are coming up in the market nowadays but the main problem everyone has no matter how good the phone is, is the battery charge. People just wish the battery could last a bit longer. A phone that has many features and functions yet can store charge for a week. My phone can hardly store charge a whole day! I know using It while it's charging is damaging it but I really do not have a choice. If I leave the house for threw hours I'm coming back home with the phone off -phone has run out of charge.

The App should change this. Once I install it, my battery problems should end.

31. Can calculate a valuable's worth

People are trying to keep up with finances and so over-pricing is the trend nowadays. Everyone is trying to make a kill out of a sale it's even hard to distinguish between being ripped off and a good sale. We want to buy products and enjoy services within a normal price range. This App will benefit pawn shop owners too. When someone wants an exchange the pawn shop owner knows the deal is good without involving experts.

This App can also give you options of places to buy the product or have the service at a good deal. For instance, when I want furniture, it runs out the normal price range and probably lists out the places I can find it at a better deal. Great App!

32. An app with free movies

I know there exists some Apps that attempt this but I'm fed up with reading, "...this movie is currently not available". I wouldn't mind an App that shows great movies but in their low quality version. At some point we will have such an App. Everyone is looking forward to watching many movies at an almost free cost. No one looks forward to purchasing a movie or subscribing to a website that requires you to pay to watch, no way. We browse daily for a place where we can watch "free movies...". The App owner will probably have to find ways to purchase a movie and rightfully share it while coming up with an idea to hoodwink us into paying indirectly. Remember how we used to watch tv back in the day? We didn't have to pay for anything. We watched and the channels made money through adverts. Anyone interested in developing such an App?

33. Song Playlist App

An App with a free song playlists

I want to press "R n B playlist", or "Bongo music..." or " Genge Music", or "Jamaican riddim" etc and have a long playlist...songs of the eighties, Lionel Richie collection, Diamond Platinumz, Kci and Jojo, Elvis, Willy Paul...anything I need and have it running like that...

I know we have Youtube. I now need an App that has all that.

34. An App that can delete my messages from the recepient's gadget

Sometimes your messages on the other person's phone can be incriminating and xan sometimes subject you to blackmail. I guess once a message lands in the other phone or, in social media- in the other person's inbox, the message changes ownership. It's technically not mine anymore.

Imagine an App you install that enquires, "..Would you like to delete this message from the recepient's gadget too?"

Imagine that!

35. An App which will ensure that we don't get robbed by online sellers or buyers

We need an App that ensures that the transaction is not only complete but the goods and services are also delivered. Imagine sending money for say, marketing services and not getting any feedback. Online business ought to be secure. People should be served accordingly. The App will be the mediator. It works like Paypal. However, if you complain to Paypal about non-delivery of goods it will hold the money and send it back to you. On the other hand, you can complain to Paypal maliciously after goods have been delivered - so you now have both the money and the goods or service - a loss to the seller or service provider and there's nothing Paypal can do about that.

The App should ensure that both buyer and seller are satisfied. You order something. You hand over the money to the App. The App observes that ownership changes hands rightfully. Once it confirms that the buyer is pleased with the delivery it sends the money to the seller. Everyone is happy. That App is needed ASAP.

36. An App that gives me an affordable yearly or even monthly menu

Knowing what meal to have can be a daunting task - especially when you live with people who hate having the same meal concurrently. A menu that changes daily would make you seem like a fun chef. You change your meals daily.Very cool chef you are. This App please, anyone?


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