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5 Best Ways To Collaborate With A Website Development Company

Updated on February 25, 2016

For your new website development project, only selecting the right web development company is not enough. You must collaborate with the development team throughout the project phase. Let us look into some of the essential factors and best practices for looking after your outsourced website project.


There has been an increase in the outsourcing of IT projects. Mainly as a business strategy, most of the web development projects are outsourced to the most eligible offshore firms. Managing projects get complicated when it comes to synchronizing the efforts and schedules of the involved teams at both ends. Hence, communication is the most important factor to keep the development on track. Finalize a particular time frame when representatives from both ends can talk. Make it a consistent process. Ensure that communication is clear and messages, as well as suggestions from both ends get heard and understood. Review every update as soon as possible and give feedback so that the work does not go on hold.

Project Planning:

Once the scope of work has been defined and agreed upon, keep track of the time and effort invested from the development end. Prepare monthly, weekly and daily milestones for this. This makes the initial process of documentation very lengthy, but if done efficiently, saves time in the long run. Correlate the work done daily and weekly with the milestones defined to keep the project on schedule. Ask for showing a cause for the delay. While preparing the milestones, consider buffer time to accommodate unpredictable circumstances. As a client you need to give enough time for quality. Design and development is not a mechanical process. Hence, allow sufficient time for the company to design, develop and test your website before launching.

Quality Assurance:

This is a very important aspect that makes your website survive in the world wide web for the long run. Use all means and modes of testing to evaluate your website. A website development company may not have a dedicated testing team. Hence, you may consider engaging a third party testing team to collaborate with the development team. In case, the web development company has a testing team, get an extensive testing report prepared.

Use the Same Files:

Make sure that all the parties involved are working off the same files. Ensure only a single authoritative version of a file. This allows the team to work on the same file without overwriting the work of others.

Check the Website Yourself:

Once the web development team updates you on the project completion, check for all the functionalities yourself. You may also engage some technical experts to test for all the functionalities.


In spite of all efforts, the odds are that the completion of your website may be delayed. Some extra charges may surface up due to functionalities that may have been missed out or requested later as new additions by you. This is a normal anomaly. However, keep monitoring the progress of development of your website very closely. Engaging dedicated professionals for this task is highly suggested.

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