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5 Best iPad Photo Editing Apps - Top Photoshop Applications

Updated on June 6, 2011

The iPad is great for many things, watching movies, going on the internet, even writing and saving documents; it's a great little tablet that has sparked dozens of other tablet computers into life.

One of the applications the iPad has that not as many people know about - which is probably due to the fact of the lack of camera on the device - are the numerous photo editing apps. You'd be surprised on what some of the top Photoshop apps for the iPad can do - in some of the apps it's almost as good as using the popular desktop application.

Alright - so I can talk the talk, but can I walk the walk?

You want to know what the best photo editing apps for the iPad are, I mean, that's why you came here. There are, in actuality, so many different photo iPad apps to choose from that choosing the best iPad image editing apps - choosing the best Photoshop applications - isn't an easy task.

With that in mind here is a list of the Top 5 iPad Photo Editing Apps:



Price: $3.99

Best... Advanced Photo-Editing App

As far as iPad Photoshop apps go Filterstorm is, by far, the most advanced of the bunch - making it one of the best photo editing apps for those of you who, well, know a thing or two about adding effects, styling and editing photos.

The actual name of this iPad app is Filterstorm 2 (the sequel if you will). The first thing you'll notice about this application is that its not a very 'clean' app; in other words it doesn't have a slick interface or pretty colors but instead has everything you need. If you know your way around a camera and a photo you'll easily grasp all the power this app has.


  • Touchscreen tweaking
  • Curve enhancement tool
  • Noise reduction, sharpness and an array of other effects.

TouchUp For iPad

Price: $2.99

Best... Photo editing app that uses a touch screen

This is a photo editing app that is clearly, and I mean clearly, is meant for the iPad. It's one of the best photo editing applications solely because of the innovative and concise way it uses the iPads touch screen controls. Compared to Filterstorms robust nature, TouchUp is concise and fluid.


  • Blur and Brightness
  • Advanced tweaks like Dodge and Burn
  • Add multiple layers
  • Upload photos to Facebook

WD Photos

Price: Free

Best... App for sharing photos

This app, when on a list of best photo editing apps for the iPad, is the one that stands out at being different. For one - it's a free iPad app, which, let me tell you, is a great thing. And secondly it's a Photoshop app that is more focused on sharing your images than it is editing them

What do I mean?

WD Photos will stream your home computers photo albums onto your iPad; this is great considering how much space 10 000 photos can take up. My favorite part is that, even if your not in range of 3G or WiFi, you can still view images you have previously looked at!


Photo Transfer

Price: 2.99

Best... App for transferring photos onto your iPad

The first question you should be asking: What's the difference between WD Photos and Photo Transfer? What makes it worth the money?

I mean when two similar photo editing apps for iPad and iPhone come about, where one is free and one cost money, well, that's the most important question. Right?

Well, with Photo Transfer, the process is so much easier (and actually will save the photos on your iPad), that's it worth the money. Upload photos to a specific web address (think imageshak) and then, on the app on your iPad, transfer them over. It's that easy.


Visuals by Vincent Laforet

Price: Free

Best... photo editing app for watching photo editing

So this isn't really a photo editing app for the iPad - at least not in the conventional sense. This is app for watching photo editing; for watching some of the best photo editing.

Vincent Laforet is one of the best photographers on the planet. So what does this app do? It lets you watch, step by step, how this award winning photographer edited his photos.



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      Trsmd 6 years ago from India

      great tips and very much useful.