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5 Components of the Best Platform Scales

Updated on December 12, 2012

High Quality Platform Scales – More Affordable than Ever

If you are looking for the best platform scales available in the UK today, then make sure you read our handy little guide first. We will tell you what to look out for so that you get the very best from your purchase. The cost of platform scales has come down dramatically over the last few years and it is fair to say that a good quality set of scales for most applications is now within the reach of all businesses, be it to aid with manufacturing processes, or dispatch and logistics applications. Here are 5 things to think about when buying your next set of heavy duty floor scales.

Quality Materials for Quality Scales

The quality of materials should be evident from the gauge of steel used, be it Mild, Stainless or Galvanised of at least 5mm thickness and the design of the platform should incorporate structural channel bracing that ensures a rigid and durable construction. This will ensure that the deck does not bend under high loading, a common problem with low cost platform scales that leads to permanent deformation and inaccurate weighing.

Loadcells are the engine of a platform scale and as the part of the scale which is in contact with the floor should be adequately protected against the ingress of water and dust, which will again lead to corrosion and failure. IP67 rated stainless steel loadcells as a minimum are the hall mark of good industrial scales, and IP68 is ideal if your budget can stretch that little extra. The combined capacity of all four load cells should far exceed the capacity of the weigh scale to minimise on damage.

Choose a Platform Scale that can be Serviced

At some point in its lifetime an engineer is going to need to access the junction box that connects the load cell inputs and feeds them onto the digital weight indicator. In high quality platform scales, the junction box is easily accessible from the top plate of the deck via a removable plate. Although the junction box is not touching the floor it should be protected against dust and water and IP65 should be the minimum to expect.

These days, a good quality weight indicator will not only give you consistent weight readings but should have additional functionality, such as counting software to allow you to perform other operations on the scale. It should also have a RS232 or Ethernet output to allow the printing of data to a PC, network or label printer.

A standard high quality platform scale weighing up to 3000kg from a reputable manufacturer such as Ohaus or Avery Weigh-Tronix that would have cost over £2000 ten years ago, now costs under £1000. Stick to the points we have made in this guide and we guarantee that a good decision to you purchases those platform scales over some of the tempting offers for scales under £300 will be rewarded with longevity and consistently reliable results.

Ohaus Defender 3000 Mild Steel Platform Scale



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