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5 Cool Things You Can Do With Facebook Timeline

Updated on January 18, 2015

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"We have altered Facebook ..."

It seems like every few months, Facebook is making changes to their site. Whether or not you’re a fan of the changes, there are some really nifty things you can do. For example, did you know that you can now search the Help Center without ever leaving the page you’re on? (I'll tell you how later in this article!)

Want to know what other cool and really useful things you can do on Facebook?

Read on!


1. Edit Your Comments

Being a writer, I like to make sure my posts and comments are correctly spelled and coherent. This is why I LOVE that Facebook as finally given users the opportunity to edit our comments.

To make changes to one of your posts or comments ...

  • Hover over the right-hand corner of the comment and click the pencil icon;
  • Click on "Edit";
  • Make your corrections; and
  • Hit your "Enter/Return" key to re-post with changes.


2. Choose What You See in Your News Feed

I’m one of those people who really dislikes being bombarded by every little move my Friend’s make, I don’t have the time or interest to invest in Facebook games and I certainly don’t want to be updated on the games my Friend’s play. This is why I am so happy to be able to filter what makes it to my News Feed.

To find this option:

  • Hover over a Friend's name or photo
  • Hover over the button that says, "Friends"

To Remove or Add a Friend from Your News Feed

Click on "Show in News Feed" to remove/add your Friend. When the "Show in News Feed" is checked, that person's activities is visible in your News Feed. If there is no check mark, their activities are no longer be visible in your News Feed.

To Choose What Activities are Shown in Your News Feed

Click on "Settings" for a list of activities to choose from and select what activities you see in your News Feed. You can also choose to receive all updates, some, or only important updates.

Anything with a check mark will show in your News Feed. Click on whatever activity you do not wish to receive updates on to remove their check marks.

3. Highlight Posts

One of the first things I discovered I could do was “highlight” posts. A Highlighted post expands to take up the full width of your profile, making it stand out from the rest. To do this, simply ...

  • Hover your cursor over the right-hand corner of a post. Two little icons will appear.
  • Click on the star to "Highlight" the post.


Did You Know...?

Did you know that you can stop people from seeing, downloading, and sharing your photos? Read "How to Adjust the Privacy Settings on Your Facebook Photo Albums" to find out how.

4. Download Photos

For all of us who rely on Facebook for photos from family members, this is a blessing. Just be careful what you download and re-use! While wall posts and albums are filled with funny memes, inspirational quotes, and gorgeous photos, there are a lot of artists on Facebook and their work belongs to them.

Make sure you don’t violate any copyright rules when downloading photos.

To download photos:

  • Find the "Options" button located below the photo.
  • Click on “Download.”

Do a help search right from your menu bar
Do a help search right from your menu bar | Source

5. Access Help Center from Current Page

If you're stuck and need help, you no longer have to leave the page you're on to troll through the Help Center's intimidating selections. Now, all you need to do is ...

  • Go to the top right-hand corner of your page;
  • Click on the down arrow icon situated next to the "Home" link;
  • Click "Help" located at the very bottom of the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu will then change so that you can type in your question.

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What Happened to the Facebook That I Used to Know?

Now that you have an idea of the snazzy things you can do with Facebook, I offer this amusing video, “What Happened to the Facebook That I Used to Know?” for a moment of good-humoured griping at some of the unwelcome changes and not-so-useful functions that Facebook has saddled us with.

(Video courtesy of Jade Arcade.)

© 2012 Rosa Marchisella


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    • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosa Marchisella 

      6 years ago from Canada

      My pleasure! Glad it's useful to you and happy you like the video!

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 

      6 years ago from USA

      Thank you for letting us know about these features on the site. I am going to have to look into them. Great video too!


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