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5 Great Nokia N8 Free Apps

Updated on June 24, 2011
The Nokia N8 is a superb phone, but to get the most out of it these free apps and games to download for it make it an unbeatable smartphone.
The Nokia N8 is a superb phone, but to get the most out of it these free apps and games to download for it make it an unbeatable smartphone.

Free Nokia N8 Apps

Upon its release the Nokia N8 received universal praise for its style, useful Symbian OS and build quality of the phone. There are also some great free apps to get the most out of your Nokia. The N8 has a powerful CPU and a great high resolution camera, which also lend itself to some great apps.

With this in mind here are five great apps, which will make your life cheaper, easier without spending a penny on your Nokia N8 store.

Skype App

Most people know Skype, but not realise how much it can save you on your phone bill. Download this app from OVI as soon as possible and you can be making free international calls straight away with your friends or family across the world. It syncs with your PC Skype account contacts. There is voice and text messaging for free! But is it 100% free? Well kind of. It depends on your price plan. If you have a cheaper price plan for your N8 then this app can save you money. This is because instead of taking minutes from your allowance it uses your data allowance. Most networks give you "unlimited" data. This is almost never unlimited and subject to fair usage (see your contract) but for most people you will never use you 1GB etc unless you are a hardcore user. Some contracts just slow the Internet down after going over the allowance, so if you are lucky like that this Skype App truly means free landline home and abroad calls!

Swype (Virtual Keyboard)

Love the N8 but finding you text speed is slower than your previous phone? Then check out Swype. It claims to be able to speed up your text messaging by using a unique system which tracks where you place move your hand. It sounds complex and is confusing at first but when you get used to how it works it is very impressive. Definitely worth a free download just to try it out.

Opera Mobile (Web Browser)

The Opera N8 browser is based off the superb PC Opera browser. It is one of the few mobile browsers that use tabs well (if at all), which makes it great for surfing. Opera mobile is also very clever in the way it shows the full webpage then you click to zoom the area you want. It also has a nice interface for saving pictures to your N8. An essential free app for your N8!


I really like this app! It is the kind of thing which should be default on a mobile phone. It basically allows you to quick access to a bookmark of social networking website etc as an app button. It is a handy solution mainly for social networking and fast access to your favourite sites, like news or weather.

Angry Birds for Nokia N8 (Game)

This game is superb. It's a simple web style game where you have to attack those pesky pigs who have taken the eggs from the birds. It is available in free or paid for version. Free one has ads. It is one of the highest rated games on iPhone / iPad store, Android market and now it is out with its N8 version. Fantastic game which is fun and challenging at the same time. Great free game!


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