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5 Hacks to Turn Your App Users into Evangelists

Updated on May 6, 2016

Today, every business realizes that mere acquiring more app users amounts to nothing unless those users are constantly engaged. Statistics reveal that retaining customers needs 5X less investment than acquiring new ones. Not just that. Current users are more likely to make a purchase than new users. Retaining your customers is tantamount to grow your app. But even retaining customers is not enough. The goal should be to turn those retained users into evangelists. Now turning your app users, even the loyal ones, to evangelists is no easy task. So here are 5 smart hacks to help you out.


1. Start with the End

Most businesses make the mistake of focusing too much on the app. While creating their app, businesses and developers get tempted to make their apps a motley of features. What they should rather focus on, are the end users. Everything else is means to an end and the end is user experience. In the words of Steve Jobs, “You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around”. By delivering unique, memorable experiences to users, you are organically turning them into brand evangelists.


2. Invest in Word-of-Mouth Marketing

With advertisements becoming ubiquitous, consumers are losing trust on what brands have to say about themselves. Rather, they are turning to opinions of what fellow consumers have to say about the brand. Compared to paid media, promotions and traditional advertising, word-of-mouth is much more potent for driving app growth.


3. Run a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs have always been around. But with the advent of mobile, loyalty programs have taken a whole new dimension. Here’s how it works – Every time your customer makes a purchase on your app, he/she gets some points which are redeemable as discounts, cashback, or freebies. The more frequent and bigger the purchase is, the more points he/she gets. Running loyalty programs is a great way to build a deeper relationship with customers and convert them into brand evangelists.

4. Go an Extra Mile

When you expect them to be more than just users, you’ve to give them more than just an app. And one way of doing that is to constantly ask for feedback. Most businesses neglect customer feedback, especially the negative ones. Handled right, negative feedback can be leveraged to turn your customers into brand advocates. Listening to your customers always pays. Make them feel as if they are included in your brand story and they’ll reciprocate by being advocates for your brand. While setting out to build your app, you should choose an app builder that comes with an integrated feedback form.

5. Incentivise Sharing and Referrals

If nothing else seems to work, try incentivisation. It never fails! While you are looking to get more shares and referrals on your app, all your users care about is, what’s in it there for them. By incentivisation, you are setting the impetus for the growth of your app. Incentivisation doesn’t always have to be monetary. For every new reference, you can offer your customers in-app rewards, extra points, discounts or access to exclusive collections.


Evangelists are born out of users who are emotionally invested in your brand and believe in your core values. Turning users into app evangelist is not a one-time gig. It’s an ever continuing process. Think of it as growing a plant. Evangelism happens only when customer love is nurtured over a long time through persistent efforts.


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