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5 Impressive Features that Make Samsung Galaxy S4 Better than Galaxy S3

Updated on May 30, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 was Samsung’s major breakthrough phone as far as top quality smart phones is concerned. Having slowly built a reputation of creating intelligent smart phones, the company took it to a whole new level with the release of Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung made itself the hottest property for Android users with the release of Galaxy S3 and is seemingly looking to make further in-roads with Samsung Galaxy S4.With huge expectations from the phone obvious as it became Samsung’s first major release after the overwhelming success of Galaxy S3, let’s see what features have made Galaxy S4 such an instant success!


Samsung made sure that its new flagship phone would be loaded with features and therefore, upgraded the hardware in order to equip it to handle these features as well. With a Quad Core Snapdragon processor, the Samsung GS4 has a major upgrade over the relatively inferior dual core processor that was present in S3. Similarly, the GS4 ensures faster speeds even when users run all applications at one with a 2GB RAM capacity as compared to the 1 GB RAM capacity of Galaxy S3.

A stunning rear camera!



The Samsung Galaxy S4 trumps every other phone in the market when it comes to camera quality. The iPhone 5 probably remains the only phone which provides superior brightness and a tad better image processing capabilities but as far as sharpness and catching real colors is concerned, the Samsung GS4 has no competition.

Samsung Galaxy S3 had a great front and back camera but it genuinely falls short of the GS4’s camera quality. The 13-MP camera rear camera is a real improvement on the 8-MP camera present in S3 and the difference in specifications creates a marked difference in pictures taken from both phones.

IR Sensor

A feature that was heavily missed in the Galaxy S3 was the presence of the Infrared sensor which would allow people to use their phones even when touching the touch screen wasn’t possible. The GS4 has an incredible Infrared sensor that allows users who want to use the phone even with dirty hands or who simply have a habit of using their touch phone discreetly.

With the feature, the smart phone recognizes swiping movements over the touch screen without actually being touched and performs the required functions. For instance, if you want to close the alarm on the phone then touching it won’t be necessary, just wave your hand over the phone a couple of times and it would go to snooze mode immediately!

Amazing Recording Features


Recording Features

Galaxy S4 makes recording a lot more fun by adding a few features that were not present in the S3. This includes the Sound & Shot and Dual Camera Record feature. For enthusiasts who want to include themselves when making videos would find the Dual Camera record feature extremely interesting. With the ability to use the front and rear camera at once, one could actually record the video and share your own facial expressions too while making the video. For people who enjoy creating YouTube videos, this feature really stands out!

The sound & shot feature is another impressive edition and can really help you enhance your memories with a 5-second recording interval before a photo is taken. This allows for the recording of last second changes people made before the photograph was clicked. It really is interesting to see the 5-second recording before the actual picture as it really makes the memories all the more fun!

Wireless Charging

This might not be as striking an upgrade as the others but still S3 users would have surely loved the wireless charging feature in their own phone. However, wireless charging is not a utility available for S3 users and anyone who wants to enjoy this dynamic way of charging Smartphones would have to buy GS4.

Keeping your S3 or buying the S4?


Buying Samsung Galaxy S4- Is it Worth it?

There are many features in the GS4 which make it a better phone than all others present on the market. However, for a normal smartphone user, the S3 is surely enough to offer everything that a top class phone should be offering. However, you must understand that GS4 has now become Samsung’s flagship phone and thus, all new updates would firstly be available for the S4. So, for people who want to stay in the loop or for people who want to have access to the new features in S4, selling their S3 and buying the cooler S4 is a great option. However, for people who don’t think that the afore-mentioned upgrades would benefit them much then sticking with their S3 for the moment remains a more logical option.


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