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5 Least Favorite Content Writing Tools 2015

Updated on October 8, 2015

Best Content Writing Toools

Evernote is the favorite content writing tool. It is a paid version online tool. Three types of purchase items are available in the Evernote tool. Basic, Plus, and Premium purchase item are available. But if you don't want to buy the paid version, you can use the free version. Many features are available in this content writing section. It has a great Google Chrome extension, that is very excellent for content writing, image capture and highlight content from the desired website. Personally I would use this tool for my writing career. So, I will recommend you for using this tool if you less time to write content in your bed.

WordCount is the another simple content writing tool. You don't need to sign up for writing content. I will not recommend you for writing content in WordCount. But you can check your total content words and characters simple paste on it.

Grammarly is the highest rating content writing and grammar checker tool. It is same to Evernote. Grammarly is a paid content writing and grammar checker tool. You can check grammar easily by this online tools. it has a Google Chrome extension that is very excellent for checking grammar and content writing service. You can use this extension freely on your Crome Browser. Basically, you can use it for checking content grammar properly.

Google Docs Editor tools:
The Google Docs tool is a free content writing online tool. It looks like MS Word application. You can use it for a long time writing. Many content writers use it professionally for their better writing profession.

Windows live writer:
You can use windows live writer for writing any content. It is the best desktop editor tool for windows operating system that directly publish content from your desktop. But I will not recommend you for using this tool to write content.


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