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5 Mobile Apps for Social Good

Updated on February 25, 2013


The following article will detail the top 5 (+1) Mobile Apps with a difference; all the apps mentioned in this article will be charity apps or Apps designed for social good.

Give Blood

Roughly, 44,000 blood donations per day are required. In the UK every year, around 1000 people die waiting for a transplant, but only 4% of the population give blood. The organ donation register isn’t much better, with 34% of the population signed up. The Give Blood App aims to combat this issue by using geo-location and SMS to bring you tailored alerts. The app will notify you if your local blood bank or hospital is running low on your blood type. The app will also alert you if an emergency situation arises in your area and blood is needed urgently.



Goodguide is the mobile barcode app with a difference, instead of bringing up the price or reviews of a scanned item; Goodguide retrieves information regarding health, environment and social responsibility of the product. This app allows you to ensure that the products you buy meet your quality standards.

Fair Trade Finder

This handy app allows you to scan your local area and locate the nearest stockist of fair trade goods to you. By using this app and buying fair trade goods you are ensuring that farmers get a fair price for their goods and that money is invested into the fair trade community programme.

Check-in For Good

The check in for good app is designed to drive awareness for a cause while raising money at the same time. When you check in at a participating location (using your mobile device), the business will donate an amount to a charity. This model benefits all parties involved as the customer gets recognition – and often discounts – for their check in, the business is likely to gain an increased footfall and income and the charity gains further exposure and donations.


The Shot@Life app is a unique way for parents to track their child’s progression and development by capturing photos and chronicling landmark childhood moments from ages 1 through 5. During this process the app drives awareness about the Shot@Life campaign and the vaccines at the core of its activity that help give children in less wealthy areas of the world a healthy shot at life.


While not an app, the following product is an outstanding example of using technology for good.

The TecSOS mobile phone is a Nokia mobile phone specially adapted by the Vodafone Foundation to provide support for the victims of domestic abuse. The central menu buttons of the TecSOS handsets have been modified to act as a speed dial to the police when held for two seconds. When a call is made, the emergency services’ operators are presented with the victim’s history and the fact that the call is coming from a TecSOS handset. These calls are then marked urgent/immediate response by the Police; the phone also provides the police with the approximate location of the caller, as well as their home address to ensure the speediest response time possible.

On top of this, the whole call is recorded and can often be used as evidence in court.

Approximately 23,000 women have benefited from the device in country’s including Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.


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