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5 Must Have iPad Applications for College Students

Updated on May 24, 2011

The iPad is a must have for every college student. From taking notes to rating professors, the iPad has every essential tool that a college student will need for success.

Flash My Brain is a great application for college students who frequently use flash cards. This application makes it easy to create and store your flash cards online, as well as download flash cards made by other people. Pictures can also be entered onto the cards, including personal pictures right from your iPad.

The iBooks application is a bottomless pit of literary information that can be used for research papers, book reports, and entertainment purposes. It is literally like having a library at your finger tips. Apple is currently working with academic publishers to make it possible to buy and view textbooks on the iPad. This will be revolutionary for college students by making textbooks affordable. Another advantage of the iBooks application is the ability to carry as many books as you would like in one lightweight device.

While there are numerous note taking applications for the iPad, Evernote is one of the best. Evernote has the advantage of online storage for your notes, whether you’re using a laptop or an iPad. Evernote also has great organizational features to keep all of your notes organized according to class and subject.

Rate My Professor is a God-sent for every college student on the face of the Earth. Stressing over whether or not you are taking the right class from the right professor causes college students turmoil when enrolling for classes. With this application, students can read reviews written by other students about their experiences with a particular professor at any college.

Lastly, Docs To Go is an application that is vital for college students. Although there are similar applications to this one, Docs To Go is the only application that mimics Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This application allows you to create and read Word, PowerPoint’s, and Excel documents right from your iPad. This is great for viewing PowerPoint lectures and homework assignments online.

College can be complicated enough without also feeling unorganized and stressed. The iPad and these five vital applications make students lives just a little easier to manage.



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