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5 Must Have iPhone Accessories and Gadgets.

Updated on March 9, 2017

There is no debating on the versatility of iPhones. They are powerful, they are compatible to a variance of gadgets and they basically be used in any environment.

But in order to enjoy the full functionality of iPhones, it's necessary to have accessories and gadgets that supplement the basic functionalities of the iPhone. Let's check 5 trending iPhone accessories that you can't afford to miss if you're looking to 'pimp' your treasured iPhone.


5 Must Have iPhone Accessories.

1. A SMART Charger

It's a frustrating occurrence when your iPhone's juice runs out in midst of a conversation. Smart charger is handy tool as it charges at high speed yet keeps your iPhone protected. Besides high charging speeds, the smart charger also features sophisticated protection system to keep your iPhone safe during the charging period. This tool is especially ideal for people who travel a lot.

2. A Magnetic Car Phone Mount.

This gadget is a handy tool for those who drive through patches once in a while as it keeps your iPhone steady on the dashboard. This means you'll no longer end up missing those important calls from the office in the name of having your smartphone deep into pant's pcokets.

3. iPhone Battery Case

This tool boosts your battery's talk time as it stores charge that can the be used to recharge your iPhone's battery. Additionally, modern day iPhone batteries are compatible with other useful iPhone accessories such as Lightning accessories and iPhone Lightning Dock.

4. Card Holder Stick on a Wallet

This is yet another innovative accessory meant to help users minimize the bulk they carry around. The stick on a wallet can substitute the hard wallets that are often bulky to carry out.

5. An iPhone Lens

This tool simply helps avid iPhone users to shoot clear and outstanding snapshots. The key feature of an iPhone lens is capability to zoom into a point of focus and thus enabling the operator to take timed and clear photos.

A Closer Look at the Key Features of the Accessories Above.

Special Features.
1. Card Holder Stick on a Wallet
Magnet enhanced stability feature.
2. An iPhone Lens
Wide mobile-photography
3. iPhone Battery Case
Storage for extra charge.
4. A SMART Charger
High speed charging.

Bonus tips: An iPhone Union Dock.

When charging your iPhone, you'd want to keep it in a secure and stable position. A Union dock is designed to provide a firm resting point for your iPhone such that you can continue using the iPhone even as it continues charging.

There exist a range of iPhone designs to suit the styles of different personalities. There are the weighted silicone ideal for offices, there the outstanding cut aluminum for those with outgoing personalities and, of course, there exist braided nylon designs for those going for quality over beauty.


Accessories such Lenses help complement the basic functionalities of your iPhone. Other accessories such as card on a stick wallet reduce the clatter that iPhone users carry around.

If you are looking for a set of iPhone accessories to improve your experience, then start with this list.


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