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5 Must Read Website Redesigning Tips

Updated on November 22, 2013

Digital Media as Most Suitable Means of Reaching Customers

In this day and age, most companies are looking at digital media as the most suitable means of reaching their customers. The starting point for any digital marketing strategy though, is the company website. It is often seen that in a bid to make their website unique, companies tend to opt for a website redesign process. However, it is important to remember that the process of redesign involves a careful understanding of the method and the expected results of the exercise. Listed below are a few relevant points that would be of help:

Define the Objective Behind the Exercise

A website delivers the crucial first impression to the visitor. But more importantly, it provides information about your company, its services and products. The visitor is interested in reading about you, and you are in turn interested in converting the lead to a sale and generating revenue. So, remember the ultimate objective of redesigning the website - gaining an increased number of visitors and converting those visitors to leads and then to the real customers!

One should also ask their agency of choice about their preferences in context of website redesigning.

How Much Would You Recommend Website Redesigning?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Website Redesign

Make Conscious Efforts to Retain your Website’s Assets

Given that your domain name does not change and only the design does, be careful in protecting all the assets that made your website impactful in certain areas. These could include a wide array of factors such as popular, frequently searched keywords, inbound links to some pages, particularly rich content, etc. The idea should be to have a newer version which will bring in more visitors, without losing out on any of the star material that brought visitors to the older version.

Content is Key

Potential revenue generated by website leads can take a serious hit if you choose to channel the finances towards the website’s “look” rather than original, interesting content. Stunning visuals are great for a website, but they are simply not enough in isolation. Once the initial impact is made, it is the accompanying content that is going to be a deciding factor in future interest, and by extension, sales. Rich, informative, well-written content is able to greatly influence the company’s top keyword rankings. The more the number of pages your website has, the better it is.

Basics of Website Redesigning

Website Redesign Basics
Website Redesign Basics

Landing Page Optimization

Download Landing Page Optimization Guide by Visiting this Landing Page by Hubspot
Download Landing Page Optimization Guide by Visiting this Landing Page by Hubspot

Consider the Power of Landing Pages and SEO

In order to constantly monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of your website, it’s worth having a method in place to exit and create new landing pages. A static website is sure to lag behind its competitors in a short period, and the only way to make it dynamic is to leverage the effect of updating content and adding landing pages. Search Engine Optimization these days is a basic that focuses on driving targeted traffic to the website by virtue of directing the content properly.

Download a landing page optimization guide from here.

Set a Framework for Result Evaluation

Google uses numerous tools to determine what makes a website outrank its competitions. When discussing your redesign strategy, ensure that these metrics are understood and imbued in the plan. The entire exercise can prove to be an expensive, futile one if the results are not in line with your basic objective: Visitors, Leads, and Sales!

Choose the Right Partner

You can choose a digital media agency as a partner for your website re-design but be careful there as well. But, similar to website re-design, you must also know the basics of hiring a right digital media agency to get your work done perfectly in the allocated time and budget.


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