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5 Of the Best Wordpress SSD Hosting Websites Today

Updated on January 26, 2016

Choosing a hosting package that meets your needs is very essential.

The website has allowed people around the world to establish a strong online presence through innovative wordpress blogs and websites. However, there are a number of factors to consider if you want to make the most out of wordpress. Web hosting is one crucial area and even though most people tend to overlook this fact, quality and reliable wordpress hosting is perhaps the most important foundation for the success of any website. There are a number ofwordpress hosting options today including free hosting, dedicated hosting, VPN, shared hosting and also managed wordpress hosting.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wordpress Hosting Package

There are a number of factors you should remember before selecting a specific wordpress hosting package and some of them are listed here below.

  • Speed And Performance – always go for a wordpress hosting service that provides reasonable page loading speeds and optimal performance
  • Support – technical support should also be available 24/7 just to ensure any glitches are resolved as fast as possible
  • Uptime – Uptime cannot be compromised. A small difference in uptime can have a huge impact especially for wordpress sites that get loads of traffic and as such, always consider wordpress
  • SSD hosting service providers with 99.5% or higher uptime guarantees.
  • Cost – different wordpress hosting packages come in different rates and it would help to choose a package that meets your needs and your budget.
  • Extra Features – there are some hosting packages that come with extra features. This may include data backup and recovery features and security.

Wordpress | Source

Top 5 Wordpress Hosting Sites

We understand that picking a great wordpress hosting provider can sometimes be very difficult. This is why we have assembled a list of five top and reliable wordpress hosting companies in the market today.

Here are all of them:

1. Blue Host

Blue Host was launched back in 1996 and for the last two decades, the provider has become one of the most reliable custom wordpress hosting company. Blue Host is ideal for wordpress websites that get lots of traffic. You also get a free domain, a free site builder, and some exciting special offers for first time customers.


  • Offers custom managed wordpress hosting solutions to support millions of daily visitors
  • 24/7 reliable technical support for all customers
  • 1-click wordpress installation feature that allows users to build and customize wordpress websites quickly
  • Powerful SSD hosting drives for reliable website performance and speed
  • Simple user interface
  • Recommended by wordpress since 2005


Blue Host has four major packages designed for different users. Here are all of these packages as well astheir features:


The Blogger package comes for just $12.49 a month. The package can handle over 100 million site visits a month and also offers 30GB storage and backup as well as a 2GB RAM. You also get a money backvguarantee, 24/7 support and 1 free domain. The Blogger package also offers an enhanced cPanel and is a perfect pick for small businesses and bloggers looking for cheap and reliable wordpress hosting service.


The Professional package goes for $37.50 a month. The package can handle over 300 million site visitors a month and offers 60 GB worth of storage and an additional 60GB for backup. You also get up to 10 Managed Wordpress sites, a 4GB Ram and 24/7 support.


The business package is a powerful hosting option and comes for $60 a month. The package handles up to 600 million page visits a month, offers 120GB storage and additional 120GB for back up. The RAM capacity is 6GB and users get 20 managed wordpress sites under the same package. There is also a positive SSL certificate thrown in the mix as well as 24/7 support.


The Enterprise package is one of the best wordpress hosting solution and it offers unlimited monthly page visitors for just $85 a month. The package comes with 240GB worth of storage and additional 240 GB back up. You will get 8GB RAM and up to 30 managed wordpress websites. The enterprise package delivers premium security features and a positive wildcard SSL.

2. Bgocloud

Bgocloud is one of the major players in the industry and offers reliable and fast wordpress SSD hosting.

The company has custom managed word press packages designed to improve performance. In additionto this, you will also get effective wordpress development and design assistance.


  • Ultra fast SSD storage for improved speed and performance
  • Unlimited website traffic
  • Comprehensive data security and back up
  • Superior 24/7 customer support
  • Offers additional Premium themes and plugins
  • Free IP addresses


Bgocloud has four major packages and each of them has great features that are designed for different wordpress sites. Here is a breakdown of all these four packages:

WP Launch

The WP launch is the most basic package from Bgocloud and comes for just $4.98 a month. The package includes 10GB Raid 10 SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth and free CloudFlare CDN. The basic package also offers 6 subdomains, and 30 POP3\IMAP mail boxes. The package is certainly a catch for people looking for the right mix of powerful hosting and affordable costs.

WP Mainstream

The WP mainstream comes with ultra fast and reliable hosting performance, you also get all the features in the WP Launch package plus some other add ons. To start with, the package offers super fast SDD of up to 30GB, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited sub domains and also 50 POP3/IMAP mail boxes. If you are looking for a secure, speedy and reliable wordpress hosting package, this is the best option to go for.

The package comes for $14.98 per month.

WP Popular

The WP popular Package is priced at $24.98 a month. You get 50GB of SSD storage, 1 free IP address,100 POP3/IMAP mail boxes plus all the features available on the WP mainstream package. The speed and performance however is what really sets this package apart. 50GB of super fast SSD storage is no joke and very few packages can compare to this option.

WP Famous

The WP famous is the most advanced package from Bgocloud and you will of course get all the features available on the WO mainstream package. However, in order to sweeten the deal even further, Bgocloud has added 5 free IP addresses, unlimited POP3/IMAP mail boxes and 100GB of super fast SSD storage. The package is ideal for business and comes at $49.98 a month.

3. Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub is an affordable hosting provider that targets small businesses. The website is quite user friendly and the hosting packages available come with some really good features.


  • The provider offers SSD that increase speed and performance by almost 20x
  • All hosting packages come with standard and unlimited disk space
  • Offers a 90 day full money back guarantee policy
  • A wide range of free tools are also available including the popular 1-click app installer
  • Secure POP3/IMAP email on any device
  • 24/7 customer support


Web Hosting Hub has three major packages all of which have some notable features. In addition to this, the three packages are all priced reasonably. Here are all of them:


The spark package is the cheapest and comes for just $3.99 a month. The package includes free SSD storage and a data back up fee of $1 a month. You also get 5 parked domains, a free website builder and 10 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.


The Nitro Package comes for $5.99 a month plus an additional $1 every month for backup. It features Free SSD storage, an automatically installed shopping cart, unlimited disk space, unlimited domains and a free site builder. There is also an unlimited feature for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.


The dynamo feature comes for $7.99 a month and offers unlimited domains, unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, unlimited disk space and you also get a 30% web design discount in case you decide to work with the company for your new site. Unlimited data backup is also available for $1 a month.

4. Dream Host

Dream Host is a fast and powerful managed wordpress hosting service provider with a proven track record in this area. The company is an all round web hosting service but has a custom wordpress hosting service.


  • Can handle over 2.1 million visitors a months through its hosting plans
  • Offers 30GB of SSD storage for fast and reliable performance
  • Comes with automatic wordpress installation and updates
  • The company offers a unique RAM auto scaling feature that responds to changing client needs
  • 24/7 technical wordpress support
  • Fast and reliable performance


Unlike other hosting companies, Dream Host only has one package for wordpress sites. The DreamPress 2 package starts at $19.95 a month and includes all the features listed above. The package is perfect for medium websites but the 30GB SSD storage and the RAM auto scaling feature makes it viable even for websites that get high levels of traffic.

5. HostGator

HostGator is also an all rounded webhosting company that also offers a custom wordpress hosting service. Although the provider has a number of very cheap packages, it is yet to measure up to the standard of leading providers such as Blue Host and Bgocloud. In any case, it is still a good option for people with tight budgets.


  • Very good speeds with its managed hosting services
  • The managed wordpress platform is very user friendly and quite easy to use
  • Premium and advanced security and data backup features
  • Seamless scalability to cater for changing website demands
  • Superior 24/7 support


HostGator has three major packages all of which are designed for different users. The three packages and all their features are highlighted here below:


The starter package is the most basic option and comes at $5.97 a month. The package can handle up to 100,000 website visits a month and also offers 1GB of automated daily data backup for extra security.

The disk storage is unlimited. You also get unlimited email accounts and automatic malware removal.

The standard package

The standard package gives you all the features available on the starter package. However, the package can handle up to 200,000 site visits a month and offers 100% free migrations to two websites. Users also get a comprehensive WPBegginer walkthrough and 2GB automatic daily back ups. The package is charged at $8.77 a month.

The business package

The HostGator business package comes for just $13.98 a month. Here you get all the features available on the Standard package and some other extra bonuses. To start with, users are able to access the WPPro developer guide, up to 500,000 daily visitors, and up to 5GB of automatic data backup every day.

You also get 100% free migration for up to five websites.


Although the five hosting companies listed above have their pros and cons, there are a few that definitely stand out. Blue Host is definitely one of the top options and if you are looking for state of the art hosting for your wordpress site, then you will definitely love Blue Host. The only flipside is the limited RAM. Bgocloud is also not a bad choice especially because of the amazing value you get from a reasonably low monthly fee. The SSD storage is of course a big plus and the premium security and data backup features set the hosting company apart from the rest.

Choosing the right wordpress hosting package is very important. Quality hosting can make a very big difference in the short and long term success of your website and as such, the five options listed above should really be your first choice. Whether you are looking for secure hosting services, fast and high performance hosting or affordability and value, the top five wordpress hosting services listed above will definitely come handy.


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