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5 Online Communities With Over 1 Million Members.

Updated on November 6, 2014


Nowadays, there are a lot of online communities and social media websites which are used by millions of users. There are many big fishes out there like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but for most of the users, it is hard to gain many followers or friends because its hard to gain attention in a website which has almost a billion members. Today, I will present to you, 5 online communities/social media websites which have over 1 million users. The traffic potential is amazing in these communities and its relatively easy to build a good repute and have a lot of followers/friends.


The Communities.

1: Classmates.Classmates is an online community built in 1995 for students, college graduates and also, for the members of the military. This particular community has over 50,000,000 (Million) members and is still growing. Although classmates did have some issues lately and they were accused of sending fraudulent Emails but the case was settled. Classmates is basically a place where American citizen can come and type in their high school information for example the name of the school and the location of the school, and connect with their friends from that high school. Classmates can also be used to access yearbooks of most high schools. They have over 200,000 yearbooks and are adding 5000+ every month. Classmates in a very potential society and the members are very active. It is a great place to find your high school buddies and hang out with them virtually.

2: Fotolog. Fotolog is an online community/social media website which was created in 2002. The website experienced a rapid growth. Just after 5 years of its release, in 2007 Fotolog became one of the 20 most visited sites in the whole world (according to Alexa). Fotolog kept growing and eventually became a mammoth online community. It is mainly all about photo sharing as the name suggests, you can make really good friends in this site, you can also buy their premium membership if you wish to receive better features and better costumer support. People have been using Fotolog since 2002 and it is one of the oldest social media site. If you have some photos to share, and want to make some friends, then you should join this community and build a good repute.

3: Fotki. Fotki is an online social media website built in 1998. Fotki is a very classical social media site, it has a very simple layout and is a pretty user-friendly website. Fotki is similar to Fotolog, but it has more features, Fotki is all about sharing your photos and videos, you can share any photo you have as long as it meet the site's rules. This particular community has over 1,600,000 (1.6 Million) users. This community has a great traffic potential as well, you can make some good friends and also have a fun time on the site because it has many interesting pictures in it.

4: Habbo. Habbo is a very unique virtual community. This particular website was built in 2000 and has been growing rapidly ever since. Habbo has been targeting teenagers since their release and by far Habbo has reached 268,000,000 (Million) users. Majority of the users in Habbo are teenagers from age 13-18. Habbo has an average of 5,000,000 (Million) page views per month and has a tremendous traffic potential. Habbo is mainly a website where users can register, design their own character and hotel rooms, then users can meet other users and play together, so its pretty much a game but with real users in it. Users can also look after virtual pets and chat with other users, if you ever wanted to have a hotel or have a pet, you can join Habbo and live your dreams virtually.

5: Sonico. Sonico is a website quite similar to Facebook in some ways and quite different in another. Sonico lets user join by filling a registration form or by just using their Facebook ID to log in to Sonico. Sonico is relatively new as compared to the other websites in the list, but it is pretty old generally. Sonico was released in 2007 and has been a rapidly growing site ever since. Sonico has over 50,000,000 (Million) members and just like Facebook, anyone over the age of 13 can join this website. Sonico was oriented to a Latin American audience, but as it grew, people from all over the world started joining it. Sonico lets users add friends, upload YouTube videos and also invite other users to play games available within the site. Sonico is a good family-friendly website and if you are looking for a Facebook alternative, then Sonico is your place to go!

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