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5 Photography Tips for an android Phone User

Updated on March 7, 2017

Technology has given us powerful cameras on our smartphones. Now we need not carry a Digi cam with us if we are going for an outing with friends. Not only this even if we suddenly find something interesting we can immediately take out our handy smartphone and click the picture. But sometimes you may have noticed that people who even do not have better cameras upload pictures which looks like taken from a professional camera. To be very honest taking a better picture from your android smartphone is not a rocket science all you need to do is to know about some basics of professional photography and need to explore camera features given in your device.

In this article we will give you 5 basic tips and they will really help you to take better pictures from your smartphone. So without waiting let us find out how to take better pictures from our android smartphone cameras.

1. Use different picture modes for different pictures.

Do you know there are different picture modes for different types of pictures? Preloaded camera app on your android phone comes loaded with some different picture modes you can choose them according to the picture you are taking for instance if you are clicking a picture of the person you can select portrait mode it will help to keep focus lock on the person. Similarly, if you are taking a picture of landscape you can use landscape mode which is mostly represented by mountains. There are many other modes such as whiteboard, Macro against the light etc.

2. Use burst mode

This feature is available in most of the smartphones cameras. We often try to take picture of the things which just happens for a second such as fireworks, someone is jumping or doing a stunts. You will miss these shorts if you will just delay by a nano second here burst mode can help you. Whenever you want to click a photographs like this you should press and hold the shutter button the button you use the click pictures on your camera it will continuously take shorts for a couple of seconds and later on you will be able to select the best short.

3. Avoid using Digital zoom

Digital zoom is available in all the android default camera apps. You can zoom in by pressing volume up key or by using two figures Which is called as pinch zoom. Actually you should avoid using digital zoom because it crops the image to the object you are zooming in and you cannot un crop up if you find pixels are getting damaged. So it is always better to take the image without zooming in if you still want to enrage a particular object you can crop the image once it is in your gallery.


4. Use HDR Mode to get better colors

In some of the smartphones with flash you will find the HDR to which you can also set Automatic turn on or off. HDR basically works when you are not able to see the original colors in the picture because you are shooting against the light. When HDR is turned on your smartphone camera it takes 3-4 different pictures of single object with a different light shifts in all and finally combine all these images to give you the final image having much better color quality then the original image. So if while shooting against the light you should turn on HDR mode or should keep it on automatic. In some android smartphones you can choose to keep both the images HDR and normal so that in case you find the Normal image better you can delete the other one.

5. Tap on the object if you are taking a close up:

From your smartphone you can take beautiful close up of flowers and other objects. While taking a close up tap on the main object to focus on and you will get a beautiful detailed image. If you will tap and hold on the object this will lock the focus and you will be able to click better picture even if there is a slight movement in object or background.

So these were 5 photography tips for an android user now you can also take better pictures from your android camera and can surprise your friends with your photography tricks. You can also choose android camera apps to make your existing images look funky. From google play store choose an application and become a photo artist.


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