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5 Reasons To Buy A Flat Screen TV Now

Updated on November 30, 2012

Have you put off buying a flat screen television so far? If so I can give the top 5 reasons why you should buy a new flat screen television now.

1. Screen Size

Lets face it, we all enjoyed going out to see a movie on the big screen as a childhood treat and many of of us still do as adults.

You get to see much more detail and it's much easier to get really involved in the action with a larger screen. Without a projection system the only way to really enjoy a large screen experience at home is with a flat screen television.

Projection systems for the home just don't give you the same quality picture in normal light viewing conditions, you really need a darkened room for a good picture.

Most traditional CRT televisions maxed out at about 36", they took up a lot of floor space and weighed a couple of hundred pounds. Now large flat screen TVs are commonly available from 40" to over 80" and growing!

2. Picture Quality

Whether you initially went for LCD or plasma technology depended to a certain extent personal choice, although to start with the only really large screens were plasma. Personally I went for a Samsung 40" LCD screen for my first flat screen TV. Although many technology buffs will tell you about greater contrast ratios and wider viewing angles of plasma screens, what mattered to me was what I could see and preferred in the real world and that was without doubt the LCD screen.

Now LCD screens have been replaced by LED flat screens, basically only a new way of illuminating the screen, but leaving that aside, look at picture quality and see which type of screen you like.

High definition (HD) is the big area of improvement in picture quality over CRT TVs. Again there have been different technical standards of high definition, but you would struggle to tell the difference in most cases, with the TV's electronics and image processing being more significant.

I'm not going to say much about 3D TV, this is a subject on its own, but it is available using different technology types requiring special glasses to be worn. Whether the present technolgy will last I doubt for various reasons, including many people find the glasses a strain to use for any length of time. I'll personally wait to see if a system can be developed that doesn't need glasses.

If you are buying a new TV, you'll almost certainly be getting the latest technology as standard, but it never hurts to ask exactly what's available.

TV Pedestal

3. Mounting Options

This section called also be titled Weight and Size. Although not exactly light in weight, for the larger screens compared with CRT TVs they are much lighter and are very much smaller in depth.

Both these factors have meant that for the first time your TV could be hung on the wall like a painting by using a special wall mount, normally bought as an optional extra.

A whole new choice in where you mount your television has been opened up by flat screen televisions, including a versatile range of TV Pedestals.

4. Connectivity

A TV no longer just has to be a TV, it can be used as a huge computer monitor for accessing the internet or a display for a games console. The number of inputs and outputs on TVs has increased with the realization of what people want to do with them.

So it is worth taking some time to work out what you might want to connect to your TV, such as Blue Ray players, computers, games consoles, home cinema surround sound, etc. The number of connections can vary between different makes and models, maybe try to future proof your TV for a while with some spare connection capacity.

There is now of course the "smart TV" with easier access to the internet and for watching online films, but these are things I'm doing at the moment simply with an audio visual connections to my PC or laptop using a couple of cables.

5. Price

Price is obviously critical and prices of flat screen TV sets have fallen massively over last last few years and there are some great bargains to be had, even with some of the latest technology, including 3D if you want it.

The prices of current range televisions I don't see as falling much further, sure the price of the latest innovations will drop over time. There is always something new around the corner, but you have to enter the market as some time and now seems like a good time to do it for a flat screen TV.

So start looking at flat screen TV deals now and good luck getting a bargain!


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