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5 Reasons Why People Use WordPress for Blogging

Updated on August 7, 2016

Every day more than 10,000 posts publish over internet and among those 10,000 posts maximum on a single blogging platform i.e. WordPress. WordPress is counted as the most used blogging platform over internet. People share their day to day activities, technology news, education tutorials and many more interesting things. These people use WordPress as the trusted way to share their data with others.

Why people use this platform? This is because we can arrange, update and manage our blogs and websites very easily in this platform. WordPress provides best service to create and manage blogs and the content within blog. You can create a business site or an SEO site or an entertainment site easily and effectively.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is most commonly used web software to create different kind of websites, apps and blogs. This is a free web platform that provides good number of tools to create and manage professional level blogs and websites. This software allows us to customize our own of third party themes and plugins. With easy to use interface, people can easily maintain their sites and blogs.

5 Reasons Why People Use WordPress

Well there are many reasons people are so connected with the WordPress for blogging and knowledge sharing. But if you talking about the best of them, then here is the list:

1.) Easy to Manage Content

WordPress provides different tools to create a post beautifully designed and with proper On Page SEO. As people can use third party plugins for content creation and page creation, this makes easy for people to create their own customized pages and landing product pages for their visitors. Easy to customize and easily upgradable is the best thing people want.

People can insert images and optimize them accordingly, set SEO keywords and description by their own using plugins and also can create an E-Commerce page easily. With plugins and WordPress tools, people can easily make shape of the pages accordingly and easily.

2.) Themes and Widgets

Best part of WordPress is people can easily change and upgrade themes for their blogs and sites. It is easy to install themes from internal as well as external sources. A customization page makes theme customization more easy. Instead of going to different menus one by one, people can easily update theme widgets and information and other sections too.

Also the software provides an option to install plugins from outside sources and premium version easily. People can manage plugins easily without doing any code. There is also a widget section to set widgets on different portions of site. This is also a big advantage to people who do not know how to code. People can easily connect site to social sites, show their random posts.

3.) SEO

This is the important thing that every site or blog required to list up in the search engines. It is important to do SEO in case you want your site in top searches. Without SEO the site cannot survive and always stay low and far away from people’s knowledge.

WordPress makes SEO easy. With plugins like SEO plugin by Yoast makes SEO easy for people and bloggers. People can easily check and customize their posts and pages according to the keyword they want to rank. WordPress also provides different SEO options to make your blog and site more effective in search engine’s search results.

4.) Speed Optimization

This is also an important factor to rank and to get loyal subscribers. Speed of the site also effects SEO because Google also includes site speed as one of the ranking factor. With a good speed and great content, anyone can win reader’s heart easily.

As plugin installation is very easy, people can easily optimize their site or blog and can remove the threads effecting site’s speed. Cache plugin also helps to reduce the page size and speed up the site. There is a beautiful plugin available to manage all cache stuff named WP Cache plugin. This plugin is easy to understand and the best way to cache your files and data for better performance.

5.) Plugins

WordPress allows to install and use premium and third party plugins to use in the blog. It is easy to install a plugin. Just go to plugin option and select plugin to install or if you have plugin saved in your system. Click on Upload plugin and select file from your system and click on upload.

WordPress is world’s most used blogging platform and today more than 60% of blogger are using this platform to create and manage their blogs and sites. So, how to install this platform in your cpanel and enjoy the best tools.

If you do not know how to install WordPress in hosting, no issue. I will do it for you just click on following link:


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