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5 Reasons to Buy iPhone 7 Plus Tessera Case.

Updated on March 5, 2017

Keeping your treasured iPhone 7 Plus in a prestine condition requires more than just handling it with care. It demands that you source for accessories that will help safeguard its shine, texture and the delicate gloss that it came with. Of the many protective accessories you should have is an iPhone casing to protect your iPhone from scratches, screen breakages and the eventual fading of the body's color.

But which iPhone casing do you go for? Which characteristics should inform your buying decision? Well, this guide takes you through the key selling of the popular iPhone Tessera casing and gives you some hints where you can a genuine copy of this case.

The 5 Reasons to Buy iPhone Tessera Casing.

1. The Casing is Compatible with Other Phones.

The casing is designed from carbon fiber and this tweak makes the casing easy to put on and off the iPhone. The casing can be used on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint among other models. This means you can save on casing if you have different phone models that you use in different times.

2. The casing is Light in Weight.

A Slim Forming design used on this casing minimizes the bulk that often comes with installing casing on a phone. A lightweight casing translates to ease in handling maintenance of phones original shape.

3. It's made of Durable Materials.

The casing comes with a sturdy, dual layered protection that helps reduce the damage that may be occasioned by accidental dropping of the iPhone. Additionally, the fact that the casing is made from carbon fiber makes it durable enough.

4. Retains Your iPhone's Sleek appearance.

You will agree that iPhone 7 Plus remains one of the best designed phones in the market today. The clear Tessera iPhone 7 Plus casing helps retain the shine as it is transparent. This means you will be getting a double portion of protection and beauty preservation.

5. Doesn't cover up the screen and camera.

Not many casings leave a good room for camera and the screen of the iPhone like the Tessera does.

Where to Buy a GenuineTessera iPhone Casing.

The fact that iPhone casing attracts a relatively high price tag means that there are hundreds of copycats of this casing on offer in the market. Unless you are discerning enough, you might end up buying a fake for a high price tag.

So, where can you buy a genuine iPhone 7 Plus Tessera casing? In no biased listing, stores such as, as well as the casing Manufacturer's site can be a reliable source.

Bottom Line

Give your treasured iPhone make over by buying a TESSERA KEVLAR casing, with a clear gold finish. It's the best way to flaunt your style while keeping your treasured piece in top quality.


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