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5 Reasons to Buy iWatch Band for Your Apple Watch

Updated on February 8, 2017
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There are definitely a number of good Apple watch brands in the market. Some are ultra-comfy while others blend easily with any clothing that you desire.

Even then, the Apple branded watch straps cost a large sum that it's hard to buy a variety of straps without feeling the pinch in your wallet. This is where iWatch straps comes in- to supplement your main Apple watch bands. If you are still mulling if you should really buy yourself an iWatch band, here are some solid reasons to hit the buy button.

The 5 Reasons to Buy an iWatch Band

1. It's stylish.

The iWatch strap features a stylistic design that easily complements any Apple watch variation. The high quality craftsmanship on the brown leather band makes it stunningly beautiful and ideal for any environment, whether to the office or for a jogging session outdoors.

2. Comes with a genuine leather strap.

The iWatch band strap is made from a 42mm horse leather gives the watch strap a sturdy build. You can be guaranteed that your Apple watch won't on some dark array the next time you go for a hiking expeditions in the mountains.

3. Compatible with Apple series 1 and series 2.

The band easily fits with the 42mm Apple watches including the series 1 and series 2 Apple models. With this strap, you are assured of having something to alternate with your regular Apple watch band that came with the watch.

4. Comfort and stability.

Yet another reason that makes the 42mm iWatch strap such a useful accessory is that it incorporates a stainless steel buckle that increases its stability on the hand. Additionally, the horse leather used has anti-slip and is also sweat absorbent.

5. Has an adjustable length.

The hole has multiple alternative holes across its length which allows for adjustments depending on the girth of your wrist. You don't have to be worried that you'll spend your hard earned cash that may end up not fitting on your wrist.

Here is an Audio Visual Review of iWatch Apple Band.

Alternative Apple Band to iWatch Apple Strap

As seen above, iWatch strap stands out from the crowd for its quality build and sleek features. This means if you buy one such strap, you've already made a fashion statement. But if you can't get your hands on this Apple strand, here are great alternatives to this watch strap.

Milanese Stainless Steel Bracelet Strap.

Has a unique magnet lock and is compatible with 42mm Apple watch band. It is made of a stainless steel which gives it an elegant look.

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Bottom Line

For those who have a great liking for quality leather for their watch straps, iWatch strap is a solid choice that can help complement the mainstream Apple band straps that come with the watch. The conscipicous buckle and classic leather makes a statement and you can be proud wearing your watch for days on end without getting your treasured Apple watch to look so ordinary.


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