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Five simple reasons to use Linux

Updated on January 22, 2013

1. Its FREE

YES. Its free if you already didn't know. You dont need to pay anything to install a Linux OS in your computer. So you might ask "how is it free? If it's so good shouldn't they sell it?" To answer that question you need to understand the open source community. This tight community is full of people who support free software and have a passion for open source.

2. Support

The support for Linux is unbelivebly great. If you have been to Ubuntu forums you know what I speak of. These forums are full of people who just love to help and are commited to provide great asnwers. If you have a question about linux or just want troubleshooting help, the chances are it has already been posted on a forum and has been professionally answered.

Also you can find free online documentation packed with lots of information and solutions.

3. Software

The software selection is simply amazing. You can find an open source alternative to almost every popular paid piece of software available. Many popular Linux distribution include software centers so users can easily install software on to their machines. Because of this, users can easily find software they need. GIMP and LibreOffice are only a few of the many excellent free software available to linux users.

4. Customize

Customization possibilities are limitless when it comes to Linux. You can customize almost every aspect of a linux distro. You can make the most significant changes to the user interface which makes it possible to create your dream UI with a bit of effort. There are many Desktop Environments and themes readily available for users to download. Unlike Mac OS X and Windows, Linux does not impose restrictions on user customization.

5. Security

It is well-known that Linux is free of viruses which makes it the safest platform to use. Which means you do not have to spend a fortune on anti-virus software yearly. How ever this does does not mean Linux is completely immune to viruses.

If you would like to try a Linux distribution, here is a list of distros that are great for beginners.


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    • searchinsany profile image

      Alexander Gibb 4 years ago from UK

      Very interesting.

    • iNicko profile image

      iNicko 4 years ago

      + no issues will be brought up of if you modify a certain part of it.

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