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5 Reasons why Virgin Mobile is the Best Pre-Paid Mobile Phone Plan on the Market

Updated on October 6, 2011

I have been a customer of Virgin Mobile for almost a year now, and I have been really impressed with the value I get out of my $25 a month plan.

I came to Virgin Mobile from T-Mobile, and I save nearly one hundred dollars a month now with Virgin Mobile and have more features than ever.

On T-Mobile, I had a Blackberry Pearl phone with 1200 minutes a month and unlimited text. With Virgin Mobile, I have unlimited text, web & data, and 300 minutes (more than enough for me) for nearly $100 less than I was paying with T-Mobile (after taxes and additional fees) at $25 a month.

The following are five reasons why Virgin Mobile is the best pre-paid mobile phone plan on the market!

LG Optimus V


The plans are inexpensive and feature rich.

The $25 a month plan I am currently on is part of Virgin Mobile’s “Beyond Talk” plan.

Virgin Mobile also has the PayLo plan where you can get 1500 minutes, 500 messages, and 10 MB of web/data for $30 a month if you are more of a talker.

There are several tiers of plans that offer more minutes, but most people will likely be satisfied with either the $25 “Beyond Talk” plan or the $30 PayLo plan.

Samsung Intercept


The phones are inexpensive.

Your options on the Beyond Talk plan include several smartphones:

There are also two lesser phones available on the Beyond Talk plan: Kyocera Loft and the LG Rumor 2. These phones run between $49.99-$199.99.

Your options on the PayLo plan include five phones between the prices of $9.99-$39.99. These include KYOCERA S2100, SAMSUNG M340, LG FLARE, KYOCERA JAX, and the LG 101.

LG Rumor Touch


No contracts at all.

We pay just month to month, which means that we do not have to worry about early cancellation fees or feeling “trapped”.

Buying a new phone does not require a contract to get the special prices that are usually up to a few hundred dollars cheaper than the list price of their contract service’s version of the same phones.

I love that I can just go down to the Rite-Aid and purchase a $9.99 phone if I happen to hurt my present phone or if I do not want to take my phone to a “high risk of damage” work site or event. We are allowed to switch phones once per 24 hour period.

The LG 101


Warranty service is handled by Virgin Mobile.

All phones get a one year manufacturers warranty.

If something goes wrong with the hardware in the first year of ownership, you just email Virgin Mobile (better than calling) and tell them what the problem is and that you want warranty service.

Virgin Mobile will then process an exchange, which reminds me of the Black Tie protection at Best Buy.

Virgin Mobile will send you a free replacement phone and a pre-paid envelope for you to send back your malfunctioning phone to Virgin Mobile.

This has to be the most hassle free experience getting phone warranty service I’ve ever experienced.

Blackberry Curve


You can keep your number from another service.

This process was mostly painless, but do be prepared for it to be a disruption to your day as it can take a few hours to get it all done successfully. 

When customer service has you down, just remember how much money you are saving -- Its almost like they are paying you. 

Nuff said!

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