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5 Steps To Increase Website Traffic | My Recipe To Increase Website Traffic To Any Blog

Updated on April 20, 2013


It is so important to understand and to have a solid knowledge about Web Traffic. Especially On How To Increase Website Traffic to any pages. I mean, it could be to a website, a blog, a blog post in particular or to your articles.

This strategy which i would like to share with you my friends; is the foundation and back bone of any article/content creation. Once you master this, you can expect solid inward flow of online traffic. Took a long time of testing and tweaking for me to discover this simple, yet powerful strategy. I'd recommend you to make use of this strategy for Your Online Success.

Website Traffic
Website Traffic

Understanding Website Traffic

No matter what each of us are into, there is no reward unless people discover our pages. You could be doing something online for fun, to show your skills or for Online Income. Still, Traffic is the holy grail.

Now, When i started online, I used to traffic as something robotic. Went after all sorts of quick fixes. I was wrong. But when i started seeing traffic as real people in flesh and bone (; with thoughts and intentions, everything changed. I realized that i am dealing with "human beings" with interests.

People need to know and learn things. Searching and looking around for information. Now, if you have something that can help those who are in need. My friend, that is the source of unpaid traffic.True, Targeted Traffic.

Oops, not ready to dive in yet. There are certain things which should be done IN Certain ORDER.

Website Traffic Getting Model HD

Strategy To Increase Website Traffic

#1 : Audience

Before starting content creation, Identify and narrow down your Audience. Especially, if your intentions are to make an income online or to build up a brand. This step is so important to dictate the quality of your audience.

For example, lets say that you know how to make wonderful apple pies; like no other. Now, there are people who are looking to BUY and also to LEARN TO MAKE pies. Your expertise is on Apple Pie, and to teach people. You're not selling any.

So you need people "who'd like To Learn" to make "Apple Pie" to come to your page. Does that make sense to you?. Not any pie, not pumpkin pie, not beef, moon, sun, whatever pie; BUT "Apple pie". ALSO, "To Learn" not "to buy". Hope you got the point.

So, By identifying your audience u'll be able to get far ahead of your competition, which is really really cool.

#2 : Pool Related Contents

Now, I never create an article, blog or a video on a topic by itself. I make at least three closely related articles online. This helps to expand the accessibility of your main content page to more and more audience to increase website traffic. Thereby, maximizing its potential.

  • Think about other closely related subjects which your audience would be interested in, which is also your area of expertise.
  • Be true to whatever content you create. I never speak, recommend or suggest things which i am not aware of.

Media to Increase Website Traffic
Media to Increase Website Traffic

#3 Media [important]

The "content" you create to increase website traffic could be a video, an article, a blog or even an image. Listen, You can see drastic results by combining all these together. Provided that you are giving away quality subject.

Put a video and image in your article. Make it more meaningful. This would also increase traffic from different streams. Search for video, content and images. Do you see what that means?. Awesome sources to Increase Website Traffic for no charges whatsoever.

#4 Linking and Tracking [crucial]

Please do not get confused and burden yourself about the technicalities of Back linking. Yes, it is a fact that search engines like google constantly change their algorithms to make their services better and substantial.

Search engines see back linking from an authority website to your pages as an assurance that your content is related and credible. Listen, you do not need hundreds of back links, NO. All you need is two or three links from websites like ezine articles, hubpages, wikipedia, squidoo etc.

Never ignore to track your website traffic. This may seem insignificant. Trust me, once you start tracking your traffic, you could take good advantage of quality traffic.

Be Consistent
Be Consistent

#5 Consistency

No matter what you do out there, if you'd really like to see some results, Be Consistent. This is the major difference in me when i look back When i was looking for ways to make money online, wasting my money on one click craps and now, while i make good income online.

Let people know that you walk the talk. Let them know that they can always come back to you for some more credible information for them to use. Trust me, This Works. Because you and me are dealing with human being here. not Bots [ :) ]

Speaking of which, bots too like consistency, really. Once search engines track that your blog, website or channel is updated with fresh, quality content on a regular basis, your pages will start to rank higher and higher for your topic. You don't have to purchase all kinds of crazy so called "softwares" or "products" to Increase website traffic to your pages.

Bottom line is Once you are consistent, traffic will start, become steady and expand to your pages.

Conclusion To Increase Website Traffic

The most important thing is that you apply the information you learn on your work. If you find an information credible, try it fro yourself and give it some time to work for you. This strategy which i just shared with you works for me all the time. I follow this closely to increase website traffic to my hubs, blogs and other things i do to make money online.

I would like you to make me your friend here in hubpages and facebook. Feel free to contact me and if there is something i can help you, within my span of expertise, i surely would be more that happy.

Help Someone Today...

Your Good Friend,

Abhijith Bob B

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    • profile image

      mediatraffics 3 years ago

      Very good content to get the traffic

    • imsef profile image

      Joseph 4 years ago from Makati

      Yes. It's necessary to identify our target audience to ensure that our effort is seen by the people in our industry. Social Presence is important though and engaging with other people in your industry such as guest posting and forum posting. =) Hopefully it helps.

    • mackyi profile image

      I.W. McFarlane 4 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thanks for sharing your strategies my friend.