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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Cute iPhone 5 Case

Updated on June 22, 2014

Cute Colorful Glitter iPhone 5 Case

Any case or accessory you add to your iPhone is there for more than to just serve a purpose or function, it’s an extension of your phone’s design and your unique sense of style. If you’re in the market for a cute or chic protective case, chances are you’re a responsible iPhone user and want to make sure your phone is protect at all times. It can be tough finding a case that suites your style and needs. Nearly all cases are these big bulky plastic tings, and with good reason, they’re there to protect your iPhone from scuffs, dings, scratches and much more so they need to be made out of durable, thick, and yes even sometimes ugly materials. For the design and style conscious user this is simply not an option. These tips will help you find a case that’s both functional and protective, but primarily cute.

1. It must have tons of glitter

The first thing you want to look for is that the case has glitter, if colorful even better. This will add a glimmer to the case when the sun or any light shines upon it in such a way that no other case can compare. There are many different types of styles when it comes to full glitter cases, but they’re always made the same way. At its core there is a snap on plastic or sometimes referred to as a shell case with glitter on top. Some case designers put a clear coat over the glitter material to prevent it from chipping away over time but this can reduce the glimmer and shine from the material. While some designs are covered in head to toe in glitter others have glitter in a certain pattern or covering the back of the case in contrast with other colors. It’s up to you to decide which type suites your style best but I think it’s great to mix and match with various styles and materials to showcase your unique sense of style.

You Decide!

What is your favorite for glimmer and shine?

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2. Sparkle with Rhinestones

Similar to glitter, rhinestone cases add lots of shine and glimmer to your iPhone. Rhinestones are rock crystals cut to look like diamonds but intended for the budget consumer. You can find rhinestones made out of glass or acrylic in clear or colored design. These crystals are glued onto just about any case ranging from your basic plastic snap on case or even some rugged TPU cases. They give that touch of bling that make a case unique and lets it stand out in a crowed. If you’re really looking for something out of this world try looking for a case that features both glitter and rhinestones, you’ll be sure to love the different glimmer and sparkling it has to offer.

Flowers Design with Rhinestone Accents

3. Brighten your iPhone with Bright Colors

When choosing a cute iPhone 5 case it’s important it have bright colors, preferable pastel colors such as pink, green or purples. These in contrast with colored rhinestones or glitter will add a splash of color and truly let your iPhone pop with style. Some cases also feature a gradient or blend between two colors for those that can’t pick just one. You can choose from a glossy or matte color finish, but glossy is the ideal choice as it will truly compliments your iPhone’s sleek design.

4. Cute Arrangement or Design

Your case doesn’t strictly need to have rhinestones or glitter in order for it to be considered cute and chic, maybe that’s not for you. There are tons of cases that are cute and don’t have a drop of glitter or shine. Cute plush teddy bear cases or TPU cases molded to look like cats complete with whiskers make for a great addition to your iPhone while offering a great deal of protection. There are also cases that combine elements from known fashion brands such as Kate Spade, Coach and Marc Jacobs. These cases tend to be simple by design and feature your favorite fashion brands.

Teddy Bear iPhone Case

5. It has to protect your phone and be functional

Most importantly of all, the case has to protect your iPhone. Make sure when shopping around for a cute case that it covers all the essential parts of your iPhone, such as the back and sides. Be sure to check that there is an opening for the rear and front facing cameras so you can take photos or Facetime with your friends. Side openings let you lock your phone, control the volume and charge your phone without having to remove the case so it’s a must have feature to look for.

Cute Cat iPhone Case Review


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    • sadstill22 profile image


      4 years ago from Singapore

      i like the teddy bear case


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