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5 Tough and Water Resistant Tablet Sleeves For Everyone

Updated on January 11, 2014
Dynomighty's Zombie Sign Tablet Sleeve for my Nexus 7.
Dynomighty's Zombie Sign Tablet Sleeve for my Nexus 7.


Don't you just hate it when your bulky, unattractive case gets in the way of your appreciating every groove and every curve of your tablet?

Admit it. You like holding and using your tablet bare but you worry about transporting it without any protection. What you need is a sturdy sleeve that you can depend on. A sleeve that puts your mind at ease and holds your tablet in a safe place.

Today we take a look at my top 5 tablet sleeves made out of Tyvek and other sturdy materials.

The Stars and Stripes Mighty Wallet. The most  durable wallet I have ever sat on.
The Stars and Stripes Mighty Wallet. The most durable wallet I have ever sat on.
Now, that wallet looks worn-out but it still feels very durable. I like the worn-out look.
Now, that wallet looks worn-out but it still feels very durable. I like the worn-out look.

Tyvek, what?!

Before we go any further let it be known that I reacted the same way you did when I read about the material.

What exactly is Tyvek?

Tyvek is a material made from very fine, high-density polyethylene fibers that are spun at high speeds to interlock in random patterns in order to create a much superior fabric. What that means to us consumers is that the tablet sleeves are very strong and resistant to stains and moisture.

A year ago, I bought a wallet made of Tyvek and the first thing I did was to try to tear it down with bare hands. I'm glad I did that in private because I failed miserably. No, I did not record a video for your entertainment but maybe I will make one soon.

I'll link the Wikipedia entry down below if you're interested in reading about the history, properties, and other uses of Tyvek.

What do you look for when shopping for tablet protection?

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Warning: Do Not Submerge.

I know that you know about the simple truth that water resistant is not waterproof.

This is just a friendly reminder that you should not submerge the tablet sleeve underwater or else your tablet will die. Do not bring it with you on a scuba expedition.

The water resistant microfibers will protect against light rain, sweaty palms, accidental spills, splashes, zombie blood stains and the like.

What Can Fit?

  • iPad
  • NOOK
  • Kindle
  • Kindle Fire and more!

I will post an update once I've figured out what tablets would fit and won't fit. Photo below shows the tablet sleeve's actual dimensions but it can only accommodate tablets with maximum dimensions of .34"h x 9.5"w x 7.31"d.

Mighty Case Tablet Sleeve for Zombie Apocalypse Fans

Mighty Case Tablet Sleeve  Actual Dimensions
Mighty Case Tablet Sleeve Actual Dimensions

5 Tough, Water Resistant, Undercover Tablet Sleeves

Okay. So, I forgot to mention one little thing.


One happy side effect of using any of these sleeves is that other people esp. strangers (and even your friends) may not recognize that you're carrying a tablet. On the plus side, this is an added protection against thieves. You still have to be careful though because if you leave the tablet sleeve unattended in the office, for example, your colleague will throw it away thinking it's just another empty brown paper bag.

Okay, I've blabbered enough. Here you go.

Sleeves that not only protect but help disguise your precious:

#1 The Graph Paper

This is on top of my list for one reason: The design!

Don't you just love minimalist designs? Oh, it's too simple for you? Not a problem! All tablet sleeves featured on this article are writable.

Get a marker and design it yourself if you're buying this as a gift or just write on it if you want it personalized.

While shopping at QuirksPH.
While shopping at QuirksPH.

#2 The Brown Bag

Dynomighty's Brown Bag and Airmail (#3) Mighty Cases are on the list for the same reason as #1: The minimalist design.

The Brown Bag has an appealing color and would look great after you've used it for a couple months. Yeah, it's that worn-out look I'm talking about.

Still wrapped in plastic.
Still wrapped in plastic.

#3 The AirMail

The AirMail is available in White, Blue, and Red. You can write your address on it and it would still look good. That or buy someone this gift, write that person's address, borrow their tablet on some pretense, put it inside and then leave the gift on their desk!

Too complicated? Never mind. Moving on.

Let's take a closer look.
Let's take a closer look.

# 4 Tatty Old Envelope

Now this undercover tablet sleeve is from a UK company called Luckies. They sell all kinds of interesting products like scratch maps personalized world posters, cork board maps, and other novelty items.

The undercover tablet sleeve is a little bigger than the Dynomighty ones and can hold your tablet even with the smart cover on.

#5 Subway Map

Finally! Last on the list is a Dynomighty New York City Subway Map Mighty Case.

You might think that it'll look a little odd because people would see you and think you're carrying an actual map. But who cares? It looks great! It's an icebreaker material!

The Subway Map Mighty Case is so well done it can fool even the keenest of your friends.

Sleeves that didn't make the cut:

Here are a couple of sleeves that are made from the same Tyvek material without the minimalist, undercover badge.


If you're a kababayan and you're in the Philippines right now, Quirks PH ( is selling some of these Dynomighty tablet sleeves at a 50% discount. I visited their Shangri-La store yesterday and there are only 5 left in stock.Here are their contact numbers:

3F Power Plant Mall; 757.3096

5F Shangri-La Plaza Mall; 577.9058

UGF SM Megamall A; 720.2535

4F SM Aura Premier; 808.5720


Final Thoughts

So did you find any tablet sleeve you like? No? Well, go ahead and visit amazon now and type in Tyvek Tablet Case for more of those goodies and you might find a design you'd like.

Even if you're not in the market right now for tablet cases or sleeves, Tyvek products are still worth checking out. There are laptop sleeves, wallets, and sleeves for your business and credit cards--all of which are made from the same tough, water resistant, and tear resistant material.

Enjoy shopping!


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