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5 Unaccepted Benefits Content Can Do For Your Brand

Updated on March 15, 2018
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Hi, I am Sakshi, writer by profession. I joined HubPages to explore my ideas, and it's a long journey to go. Hope you like reading it...


FIVE Unmistakable Benefits Of Content For A Brand:

The ulterior motive of every business is to increase its brand value, improve traffic and ranking, in addition to boosting up conversion rate and SERP in major search engine giants, Google included.

Brands favour inclusion of all essential factors with systematic implementation of each in their promotional campaigns so as to actualise the desired growth of their online business. Content, in this context, is one of the most important, valuable, viable, and essential parts working as a growth engine for your brand.

It’s like a useful catalyst assisting your marketing in communicating with the prospects.

Content addresses immediacy of your brand’s requirement in relation with higher ranking, engagements, and visibility. For a purpose like generating leads or revenue generation, content is considered a powerful substance in every branding campaign. So, basically it entails a lot of benefits, including these 5 being mentioned in the following manner.

Brand Engagement

Quality-enriched content draws attention of readers from different sources online. It’s like being drawn to by a magnetic pull of something. As a result, traffic pool on your site or the destination page of your content gets stacked up. Depending on how interesting and valuable the content, traffic density gets increasing, thus mounting up page views to the point of creating an impressive engagement growth. Such practice, if continued for certain months, would boost your brand engagement rates to a considerable degree, making your business being considered as an authoritative figure in your niche marketing.

Content as a brand engagement developer

What develops a brand engagement? Question like this underscores an immense necessity of those essentials a brand must have for its ubiquitous presence on the web. In this challenging digital marketing landscape, content is one of the most important factors helping your brand to build its engagement potential.

Before we answer, lets understand what brand engagement is all about.

To Wikipedia, “Brand engagement is the process of forming an emotional or rational attachment between a consumer and a brand. It comprises one aspect of brand management”.

And this holds true.

If your website has traffic pool in substantial measure, it means it is trusted either emotionally or rationally by users who are simply there on your website for a purpose. And this purpose is not that you have a gorgeous-looking website, but rather it serves their purpose of being there.

Content is one of the most powerful tools materialising your brand’s desired goal for having an improved engagement. With quality content on your site, attention of your targeted audiences is naturally drawn to it. It must be noted that the ulterior motive of any user visiting your site is not to get impressed how your domain looks on the web, but rather how it serves them well.

Content represents your brand’s soul to visitors. Your thoughts or viewpoints are sublimated. Visitors get inspired by your story. Content helps them believe in your story. I believe if your site enjoys profusion of readers-centric content, it will well enjoy an endless period of better engagement. The thing that matters here is - you must know how to craft content driving maximum traffic to your site.

Trust build-up

It takes years for a brand to eventually build up ‘trust’ for its prospects. No matter how rich and magnificent your business looks on the web, lack of trust among your targeted customers soon dulls its spotlight. Content, in this regard, serves greater purpose for your brand. If you continuously share informative content in blog and article addressing questions or certain quandary of your audiences, very soon you earn their trust. Your targeted audiences, impressed by your quality content, tend to value your brand as an authentic reservoir of highly valuable information. They continue to flock on your site and eventually become regular visitors based on their trust they have for you, thanks to your content marketing and continuance by which you had initiated it.

How long will the trust be built up?

That depends on quality of writing and persistence involved. Persistence surely trumps success and so it must be incorporated in your content marketing. In other words, never take pause on your content sharing activity. Never dulls its continuance in replacement of howsoever important is something. Your targeted audiences must be fed with something unique and interesting to stay engaged.

Trust is really difficult to build these days. With countless sites resorting to hard-hitting campaigns, to rank your brand over the spotlight of competitors is an extremely difficult chore. The reason is – close to 2,527,635 blogs are posted every day. This figure is conclusive understanding of how difficult it is to make your blog standout from the millions.

Under such circumstance, being persistent is one credible yardstick you must adopt in building trust for your brand. Content sharing should be your consistent practice. However, it doesn’t mean to state that you should share something not meaningful. If there are a week long gap between your old blog and new one, it is not bad. This is so because being persistent with substandard content will not result in better engagement on your site. Moreover, the practice will backfire, with Google penalising your site as an unauthentic domain.

Visibility & Ranking

In the vast realm of digital marketing landscape today; being recognisable and visible matters considerably a lot. However, it must be noted that content must be non-plagiarised, quality, informative, and understandable to generally all types of your targeted audiences. It should be born in mind that generating content with labour-intensive task for faceless audiences will not bear fruits for your branding, rather the ‘backfired’ result of thankless ranking of your website on search engine will be the nemesis in your brand’s fate.

To say otherwise, write content for a right audience, not for the faceless one.

Improved brand value

One of the most unmistakable benefits of quality content is to bring forth an improved level of brand value for your company on the web. Readers and targeted audiences feel drawn to informative and quality-coated content which consequently reinforce traffic pool of the website, thereby increasing the value of your brand as inbound traffic trusts your brand as a source of valuable information. As a result of such an established trust, the value of your brand is increased considerably.

Higher conversion rate

Best content written by experienced and educated writer can truly empower potentiality of your brand, making it absolute delight for your customers or targeted readers. The point is good textual or video or Infographic content establishes brand engagement power allowing for substantial measure of conversion rates eventually. In plain words, quality-powered texts on your website allow users get enlightened, driving them to your site in more numbers, which results in a greater likelihood of conversion into potential leads.

Conclusively content, if written well, striking the right chord, and is informative, can transcend growth of your brand or its values to an exceptional degree. Make sure you hire a great writer or company providing quality content writing service, if generating high quality content is not your forte or you want it to be generated by rather a professional writer.


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    • profile image

      Elina Scott 

      8 months ago

      It's a good write up to start Sakshi. Your points, or it's better to say unaccepted benefits are explained well.


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